It is the perfect teamwork of surgeons, nurses, other members of the surgical team and the medical equipment supplier that is critical to the success of any surgical procedure. A surgeon will find it extremely difficult to carry out a procedure if he does not have the right kinds of instruments and medical equipments, devices and accessories to support him or her. The surgical table is never complete and ready for use unless it has the right kinds of accessories attached to it. It is these accessories that make the surgical table very special by supporting the needs of the surgical team to perform the surgical procedure with all convenience. Surgical clamps and Clark sockets are indispensible accessories for any surgical table.

Clamps and Sockets – Indispensable Accessories Of The Surgical Table

Clamps are Indispensible

The clamps and sockets have been developed keeping in mind the needs of the medical team at the time of surgery. It has been noticed that during the surgery numerous activities are carried out by all members that revolve around the surgical table where the patient is laid. Many of these may not be directly related to the surgical procedure but nonetheless are extremely important to make the procedure a success by providing the right kind of support to the main activity. To facilitate all kinds of supporting activities during a surgical procedure the surgical clamps and Clark sockets play an important part.

Types of Clamps

The clamps and sockets are attached to the side rail of the surgical table as per requirement. Some of these can be fitted to the table also. How the clamps will be positioned and the types of clamps that are used depend upon the purpose for which it is being fitted. Some of the clamps and sockets that are available are – Camloc clamps, Deluxe rail clamps, Simple clamp. Springloc clamp, Split leg clamp and many other types. Each type can be used for some special purpose.

Clamps are Versatile

Surgical clamps and Clark sockets are manufactured with precision engineering by medical supply companies that are engaged in manufacturing medical equipments. If it is required to hang a towel or a small bag beside the surgical table the normal practice is to fix a clamp to the table or the rail and use it for hanging. Similarly, to stop the movement of accessories Clark sockets may be used. Clamps are flexible in fitting and can be fitted vertically or horizontally. Holding of surgical tools and accessories are the primary functions for which clamps and sockets are used.

Clamps are manufactured with the same degree of high quality standards that are used for medical equipments and devices. Since these are to be used in aseptic environments, the design and quality conform to the best standards that are followed across the world.

The versatility of clamps is aptly used by healthcare practitioners to ensure that the surgical procedures are accomplished with a high degree of perfection. This gives complete satisfaction to patients and surgeons who are able to demonstrate their best skills to save lives.