One of the goals of any business should always be to make things simpler for the IT department, not harder. The IT department is a lot more than just on staff technical support. The IT department can be a key innovator for your business and can help implement big changes that lead to increased productivity and sales – if you allow it. By taking a look at a few key products you can help make sure that you’re keeping up with the natural evolution of IT.

Virtualized Server in a Box

Virtualization systems are capable of pooling computer resources, like random access memory and processor speed, which allows projects to begin with the highest amount of power available. In addition to performance increases, virtualization systems are inherently more stable and easier to control than alternatives. The added time that’s freed up by a virtualized server in a box will allow the IT department to take focus on how to best complete the tasks at hand.

Software as a Service

Software as a service, also referred to as “SaaS,” is a method of using cloud-based software for a variety of different business solutions. Instead of storing all software locally, software is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from a computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. Many different types of essential business software, from accounting to content management and nearly everything in between, can be used on software as a service basis. Doing so makes software easier to use and access and also puts less strain on your available local resources, which in turn makes things much easier for the IT department.

Security as a Service

Security as a service is another type of cloud-based solution similar in concept to software as a service. With security as a service, certain security applications like antivirus or authentication programs are integrated into the cloud on a subscription basis. The end result is a security solution that is much more cost effective than what a company would traditionally be able to provide on their own. Those savings can in turn be put back into the IT department, where it can be used to fund additional advancements that can help maintain a successful business model. Security as a service solutions are also typically easier to maintain than alternatives.

By making things as easy as you can for the IT department, you give them the power they need to help further your business and allow it to succeed. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to look at the IT department as simply “on call technical support.” The IT department of any business or corporation is capable of being a leader not just in advancement, but in project development and productivity as well. The department will need help in this regard, however, which is why it is important to embrace as many helpful technologies as you can to allow them to reach this goal.