The summer is winding down, and time is running out for coming up with a final vacation for the family. The attractions in your area may be closing early, or some spots may not fit your budget at the moment. However, if you’re good at making decisions on an impulse, then finding a fun place for the whole gang before school starts should be easy.

Plenty of areas across the country guarantee a fun time. Whether you want to spend your time in the outdoors or exploring towns, these options have you covered. Take a look at these six spur-of-the-moment choices for a great family vacation.

Take a Tour of Lansing, Michigan

When it comes to filling your vacation with as many things to do as possible, you’ll have an easy time if you visit Lansing, MI. Tourism is easy in this town, whether you want to learn about the past at the Michigan Historical Museum or take your kids to see their favorite animals at Potter Park Zoo. You’ll have several art galleries to explore, or ballet and dance theaters to visit.

Golfers will love Lansing, where they have more than a dozen courses to choose from. Some spots are for the pros, while others are fit for beginners. Sports fans will have a blast because of the games they’ll be able to play or watch, whether it’s bowling at City Limits and Royal Scot, watching a game at the East Lansing Roller Derby league, or catching a minor league football game. Lansing is also known as the festival capital of Michigan, with options focusing on art, music, heritage and automobiles.

Enjoy the Outdoors in North Bend

Certain areas are better fit for families full of outdoor and adventure lovers, and the West Coast is full of them. However, you’ll need to make sure that wherever you stay can help you relax before and after your activities. Hotels in North Bend, OR offer a comfortable stay, including the Mill Casino Hotel. This spot comes with rooms made for families of all sizes, and the suites will guarantee a luxurious experience. The attractions in the area aren’t far from this hotel and others.

Racing in the outdoors is a popular activity in North Bend, whether you want to take some dune buggies through the desserts or ATVs through the mountains. Trails for such activities are available no matter the weather conditions, making North Bend a great vacation spot throughout the year. Harbors and piers are spread out for those who want to catch some fish during their visit. Shore Acres State Park and Sunset Bay State Park should be fun if you want to take the family on a hike through the mountains or a walk on the beach, especially during the warmer parts of the year.

Get Some Fresh Air in Henry County, Georgia

Families who live in the city and want to take a break closer to nature should explore Henry County, Georgia. This spot is made up of four regions that give visitors plenty to do for a weekend or long week off from work. Stockbridge allows you to go soaring through the mountains on a zipline or practice your archery skills at Panola Mountain State Park. Memorial Park is a great option for a walk through the woods. McDonough gives your kids games to enjoy at Starlite Family Fun Center, and Heritage Park Veterans Museum is full of military memorabilia for war buffs.

Hampton is a great spot if you and your family are “Walking Dead” fans, as the Walkin’ DEAD Hampton Tour lets you dress up like a zombie and send scary photos to friends back at home. The Speakeasy Bookstore offers plenty of books to take home and read on trips to other places. Locust Grove is full of areas such as French Market & Tavern that display the history of the town and provide antique shops for taking souvenirs home to remember the trip by. This region is also home to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, a home to tigers, bears and other animals for you and the family to take photos of and see interact with each other.

Explore the Ocean in Hawaii

The summer is the best time to take part in activities at the beach, and very few spots in the world make the ocean a fun place for a vacation better than Hawaii. If you love surfing and want to get your kids involved, lessons are available to show them how to surf Hawaii. The lessons are available for different skill levels, and instructors will show rookies how to surf safely and have fun at the same time. Surfboards are provided to help you save money on lessons.

Other water-based activities in Hawaii include snorkeling to discover friendly forms of aquatic life such as turtles and dolphins. Cliff diving offers a thrilling option. The Oahu Shark Dive gives you a chance to get up close and personal with one of the most dangerous creatures in the world — from the safety of a cage, of course. Cruises allow you to enjoy a nice dinner on the water and a great view of the sun setting over the ocean.

Find Adventure in Mooresville, North Carolina

Some towns are better at providing activities for the whole family than others, including this one. There are plenty of attractions in Mooresville, NC for the whole gang. There’s Lake Norman State Park for taking a walk through the woods or fishing in the lake, as well as Cliff Hangers Rock Climbing & Fitness Gym for athletes and adrenaline junkies. Carrigan Farms will allow you to breath in the fresh air of Mooresville, and Lazy Five Ranch gives you the chance to feed a giraffe and other large animals that you normally don’t come across.

History is a major reason for tourism in this town, as its museums provide lessons about different parts of America’s past, from the military to the auto industry. Racing also makes Mooresville a fun spot, whether you want to watch it or take part in it. Charlotte Motor Speedway will allow you to see the professionals at work, and GoPro Motorplex lets you to take a rental kart for a spin and record your experience. Shopping centers throughout the town make it easy to find souvenirs.

Have Fun Under the Sun on Florida’s Gulf Coast

The East Coast is home to several spots for those who love spending their time by the ocean. The places to see on Florida’s Gulf Coast allow you to have fun and relax at the same time. You and the family can take kayaks out on the water and go for a trip in the area. You may be lucky enough to spot stingrays, turtles, crabs and dolphins along the way, so be sure to have your phone ready. Stand-up paddleboarding also makes for great photo ops, and your kids will love it. St. George Island is full of biking paths that give you a workout and amazing views of the Gulf Beaches area.

Before and after taking part in these activities, stop by the beaches so that you can relax and work on your tan. Some beaches are pet-friendly, so you can take your dog for a run in the sand. St. George Island is also home to the famous lighthouse, where you can learn about the area and get great views of the town and ocean along the way. If your family loves seafood and you’re looking for a unique dining experience, then check out the restaurants on the waterfront, which offer shrimp, fresh fish and other delicious dishes.

Plan a trip to these locations as soon as possible so that your family can make some new memories to share with friends at school and work.