When it comes to internet facilities, having the internet connection that matches your requirement becomes essential. But different internet services in the market creates a distraction in making a decision. Internet services are mainly in three categories

  1. Broadband Internet Services
  1. T1 Internet Services
  1. Ethernet Internet Services

Broadband Internet Services

  • One of the most widely used Internet service types, broadband internet is the most popular internet service. It is highly easy to access, and installation by the Internet Service Provider company is most of the time of high quality. Generally speaking it is the most used services.
  • Appropriate for both household and business requirements. Broadband services provide a minimum speed of 256 kilobytes per second or 256kbps and more depending upon the location.
  • Broadband services do not require Login or Sign into carrier access and works freely. Quick connection and best for personalised use.
  • High-speed Internet through this service allows multiple downloads to take place at the same time proving yet again the reason for its popularity.
  • Broadband cable installations may not require special infrastructure and use cables already installed depending upon the type of establishment. Therefore, reducing the cost of installation making it economical.

Broadband Services can further be classified into

  • Broadband Cable Internet
  • Digital Subscriber Line
  • FiOS Fibre Internet Optic Cable Service
  • BroadBand Satellite Internet ( for remote areas).


T1 is directly linked with Terminal. Similar to Terminal, T1 is a point-to-point Internet service. It is highly recommended for a business set-up that does not have a huge employee strength.

  • T1 internet service is appropriate also for a small and medium firms that employ between thirty to fifty employees. T1 has a low internet speed. The speed of T1 extends with the increase in the number of terminal bonds. T1 has a speed of 1.5mbps (1.5 megabytes per second).
  • Application of two T1 terminals gives an approximate speed of 3mbps. Similarly, three T1 terminals gives a speed of 4.5mbps and so on. T1 proves useful in the data transfer of low volume and lower bandwidth in the office like environment.
  • T1 has a special feature of  Service level Agreements (SLA). SLA ensures time to time repair of any disruption in T1 services. Customers usually keep broadband as an option to substitute the use of T1 internet services.


  • Ethernet is the most widely used internet service of the past years. Broadband surely has reduced the usage of Ethernet, but it cannot diminish its use completely.
  • A major feature of Ethernet is that it is highly cost effective. The only reason for the reduced usage of internet services through Ethernet is that it cannot handle data of high Bandwidth, that is it has a low bandwidth capacity and fails to work on high data volume.
  • Ethernet gives the top quality speed of 10mbps to 1gbps ( gigabyte per second).The former 10mbps speed being common. Ethernet works within company’s network.
  • Ethernet acts as a transport service that bridges LAN and WAN.

Choose your Best Fit

Whether corporate, commercial or household internet is required everywhere hence picking the right connection matters the most. Internet Service Providers can assist in the further selection process. Make sure to verify and do referral check of service quality and discuss the internet plans in detail.