There has always been a contention with regards to picking amongst ASP.Net and PHP for web development. Which one improve?

In the event that you ask the programmers, they will again cover themselves in confusion as they are uncertain of which is more comfortable to work with or which is the one that offers more features. The debate is still on.PHP is one of the generally utilized scripting languages, and developers are addicted to it. Then again, we have ASP.NET language that has Microsoft as its backup bearer and can be operated across any .NET supported language.

Be that as it may, the ultimate decision is yours. On the off chance that you are the one needing the project, at that point, you are the person who needs to decide if PHP suits your requirements or whether you have to build up your project on the .NET platform?

Thus, here we will examine the features and advantages of utilizing both that will enable you to choose which would suit the prerequisites of your project:


It is not another fact that PHP is free of cost, and as you know ASP.Net is a Microsoft item and henceforth accompanies certain charges.


What is meant by the performance capability of web applications? It is usually dictated by how well the interaction between the database, the content and the server is taking place.

At whatever point you are planting a web application in PHP, it will take the LAMP frame and by LAMP, we mean Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The LAMP stack guarantees an enhanced performance which is all that you are searching for amid web development.

MSSQL is the database that is utilized as a part of combination with ASP.NET.

The OS and file system that is utilized on the server significantly impact the performance. A fact is that Linux Operating System and ext4 file system offer a higher I/O performance when compared to Windows and NTFS file system.

Here, we can presume that a PHP application that keeps running on Linux OS has chances of performing better than an ASP.Net application that is facilitated on a Windows OS.

Scalability: Which is better?

With regards to the scalability factor, we can locate that both PHP and ASP.Net are exceptionally scalable. It relies upon how capable the engineer is when utilizing both of them.

The most heavily trafficked site on the planet is MySpace based on PHP and Facebook; this popular Social Media arrange utilizes ASP.Net.


As we have already discussed PHP is one of the scripting languages that is free of cost. It is open source, and also the designer’s group continues adding to the PHP organize.

Tools and Editors

I have watched that the greater part of the PHP developers love to utilize text editors, for example, the VIM and Notepad++, rather than executing an undeniable IDE.

However, in the event that you want to work with an IDE while utilizing PHP, at that point you will get solid support from editors, for example, the Eclipse, which is absolutely free of cost.

As you know, ASP.Net is backed up by a variety of IDE’s, however you can utilize it with Microsoft Visual Studio. It is not free yet has ample of features and is a standout amongst the most adaptable IDEs.

This means that on the off chance that you have some cash to contribute at that point pick ASP.Net for your requirements.

That it is so easy to learn?

With regards to learning as a beginner, you may think that its hard to acquaint yourself with ASP.Net as it is composed in C#, which is gotten from C and as we know the syntax of C is complicated and hard to decipher no matter, in any case, capable the programmer is, they battle.

PHP is basic and easy to learn as there are just a couple of lines of code that you have to work upon.

No limitations

Something that an engineer adores is opportunity!

PHP not at all like ASP.Net offers you with the opportunity to code anyway!

As you know PHP is open-source and it gives you the opportunity to do anything you wish. Obviously, I do agree that there ought to be a few confinements. When utilizing PHP you get the opportunity to utilize or code utilizing text editors, for example, the Emacs, Notebook++, Bluefish, jEdit, or even the Notepad that you utilize.

Be that as it may, with ASP.Net, your flexibility is restricted. Maybe you could utilize just Microsoft Visual Studio.

Another energizing feature about utilizing PHP is that there is no particular OS that it is slanted to.

You can run it on any of the accompanying OS, for example,

  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX


I don’t know whether it merits specifying here or not, because PHP clients are very familiar to the fact that the group is too large. And, this is very clear from the fact that the quantity of PHP Frameworks that are being added to the group is on a climb.

Along these lines, if all else fails, or when you are endeavoring to settle certain things, for example, session management, the database access libraries, or code reuse, you can discover assistance from the various PHP frameworks that are available.

Here, I am listing out a couple of the popular PHP Frameworks and this incorporates:

  • Zend
  • Slim
  • Silex
  • Symphony
  • Aiki

PHP is object-oriented

Not another fact again!

We are all familiar to the fact that PHP is object-oriented!

Thus, you have the freedom to call Java and Windows COM objects from PHP. Also, PHP furnishes you with the opportunity to create custom classes.

Another energizing feature of these custom classes is that any different classes that you create can align to these altered classes and obtain their features. This is what expands the capability of your favorite programming language PHP further.

Fixing problems

We have already discussed focuses that determine how well PHP offers help to its clients and one reason it is the favorite of individuals and also, why they lean toward PHP over ASP.Net.

Also, apart from all these fantabulous properties, PHP is great at fixing problems.

  • Unbeatable Speed
  • database support

There is no other programming language that could beat the speed at which PHP is capable of operating.

As you know PHP doesn’t take up the system assets in abundance which makes it easy for PHP to operate at a speed faster than other scripting languages.

Not at all like other programming languages, PHP doesn’t create a great deal of complain with regards to facilitating. It is easy to have PHP and there are many hosts that are ever ready to have PHP.

In the event that you are planning to utilize PHP with other software, you require not stress; it will never back off alternate procedures. PHP will help maintain the speed without intruding on alternate procedures.

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