Many assume that is the motor which is responsible for raising the garage doors. In reality, only a small fraction of credit goes to the motor as bulk of the effort is borne by the springs. The garage door springs hold onto a lot of energy which is released when lifting the door. When the door is lowered the energy returns back to the spring. When totally closed, the spring is fully charged again and the cycle continues. Here is a brief explanation on the importance of spring repair and the related steps to recover from such a situation.

  1. Door Safety

On average most garage doors weigh over 400 pounds. This weight is raised and lowered repeatedly everyday courtesy of the stored energy accumulated in the extension and torsion springs. It takes a snap in the torsion springs when the door is raised for people to realize their significance.

  1. Protection from the Elements

Rather than having to get off your vehicle during torrential downpours or blizzards to manually open your garage door, simply use the automatic overhead garage doors. When raised, the springs exert a thrust which also lifts your door. You are guaranteed a safe and comfy ride into the garage.

  1. Safeguard during failure of the Garage Door Motor

When the motors fail you can still open the door by easily lifting your 400 pound door. It’s very simple, just ensure you disconnect your automatic door opener first. In reality it’s the springs which are doing most of the lifting.

Factors to consider before replacement of your garage door springs

If your garage door springs require installation first examine the state of other co-springs. Exercising such due diligence will save you future costs on repairing areas which should have been identified in the first place. Check on the:

  • Physical door size (single or double)
  • Exact number of garage doors
  • The doors volume use

Double Garage doors use two springs to function properly, while sharing the weight in unison. There are high chances when one spring is faulty that its counterpart needs replacement too. It’s best if you replace both springs in unison to avoid having to call garage door repair Cincinnati severally. When done once it’s very economical. As for the single garage doors, it depends on their frequency of use. If there are two single-garage doors which are heavily used, when one has faulty springs the other door must be examined too. This applies only if the doors were installed at around the same time.

Steps To Identify A Faulty Garage Door Spring

When the garage door spring eventually breaks the door will be completely unable to open. Here are some signs that clearly indicate that your door springs need an immediate checkup and replacement.

  • Door does not balance evenly when slightly opened.
  • Imbalanced doors closes with difficulty
  • Door rests unevenly, gaping gaps visible at its corners.
  • Vivid indications of wear and tear such as cracks at its coils.
  • A squealing or grinding noise during operation.

As soon as you notice any of the mentioned signs you should replace your garage door springs before the damage becomes worse. Contact garage door spring repair Cincinnati. They arrive with all the tools and professional expertise required to do a proper replacement.