The kitchen splashback is a wall that you find placed behind a stove or sink. It protects the wall from being damaged by constant spills and splashes of liquid. Any strong, protective material can be used, such as glass, wood or granite or concrete. However, glass has a few, special qualities that kitchen owners should know about.

The Good Qualities Of A Glass Splashback

Strength and Durability

Glass manufacturers are using different techniques to create very strong products nowadays. Tempering is one technique that increases its overall strength and resistance. The glass is heated to a very high temperature and then cooled fast. If the surface does break, it creates small splinters that do not spread easily.

If you buy a properly manufactured glass splashback, expect it to last for several decades without repairs or maintenance. It is designed not to chip or crack, so do not expect it to break like a glass plate or bottle.

Many people have common misconceptions about glass, which prevents them from investing in it. They assume that glass is the most breakable material on the market, so they avoid using it in any of their products. They do not realise that a glass splashback is not designed like any other type of product.


Glass has a translucency that makes it look particularly good in the light. A kitchen is full of artificial light, so you can install a light fixture right above the sink. Otherwise, install a splashback that is right next to a window. As the sunlight comes in, the light creates bright sparkles and reflections in the glass. Another material, such as wood or steel, does not give the same effects to the eye.


One major benefit of glass is that it is entirely waterproof. Pour any amount of water on the surface without any worries. The water does not stain the glass and leave smudges that cannot be cleaned out. The sunlight does not stain glass either, so do not worry about the effects that weather has on your glass splashback.

Whether there is a summer drought or a winter blizzard, be able to use your splashback faithfully throughout the year. The material will not dry out or crack under the pressure. However, it is possible for cracks in glass to collect water, freeze, contract and break. You should not worry about this problem because well-designed splashbacks do not chip or crack at all. As the kitchen owner, it is your responsibility to use the splashback properly and keep it from harm.

A glass splashback is an innovative product that is simple to install and even simpler to maintain. In today’s kitchen, you want a device that is sleek and modern in design. If you are constantly hosting guests, design a kitchen wall that is strong, durable and unique. Glass is a material that contains all of these qualities and more. Unlike steel and wood, it has a translucency that makes it sparkle from afar. Know which company to use if you need a top quality glass splashback in Perth.