Although having been closed down, i-mate is still regarded as one of the mobile device giants. People who have been using its products still talk about them and their sophistication. Its most amazing invention, the 810-F is still available in the market for the simple reason that it has buyers. Why it has buyers is the thing to talk about. In the world of smartphones, i-mate was one of the revolutionaries and pioneers. For some odd reason, the company went out of business in 2009 and had to close down but what it did to the world of smartphones will always be remembered and talked.

The i-mate F-810 is still one of the expensive phones and bought by people with higher budgets. On its release in 2009, the smartphone has all the specifications which smartphones being released now, have. What Nokia, Apple and Blackberry are doing now in 2011; i-mate did it back in 2009. F-810 was released a little while before the company closed down and came in a stylish outlook with a QWERTY keypad. At a weight of just 150g, the smartphone contains accelerometer sensor for auto rotation and had a color display of 65K on a TFT resistive touch screen. The 2.46 inch lengthy screen of i-mate F-810 has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels which was, too good for the time when it was invented. The phone has a loudspeaker while its alerts could either be set to vibration or to the MP3 ringtone which it contains. In addition, the users can also set the alerts to a downloadable polyphonic ringtone. A feature which is still new in 2011 is that of unlimited call records came out in i-mate’s last make in 2009 alongside he photocall option as well as that of unlimited fields and entries.

The phone has no slot for internal memory but has a 128MB RAM in addition to a 2 GB NAND RAM and a 256MB ROM which together, suffice for all kinds of users ranging from the showing off party goers to nouveau riches to professionals who actually might need it. Be it the style conscious masses or professionals, this smartphone has been loved by all since its release. Within its 111 x 66mm size, the phone further contains features such as 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth, USB port, EDGE and GPRS. It also contains a 2MP camera which has the ability to snap at 1600 x 1200 pixels which is god enough! In addition, the camera can also handle video making while the phone also allows for a connection of a secondary camera.

Running on Microsoft Windows, i-mate 810-F also has Microsoft Office software such as Power Point, Word, OneNote and Excel together withs a PDF viewer, digital compass, voice memo, high-tech media players, file manager and a variety of browsers. HTML, xHTML and WAP 2.0 are the supported browsers. With such features integrated into one smartphone, i-mate’s 810-F is not a bad thing even for 2011, let alone 2009. People willing to something classy can surely go for this one.