Book reports are the amalgamation of description, critical analysis, and evaluation of book content, plot, and characters of a book. Writing a book report is a difficult task that needs to deal with a large amount of information in relatively small space. Writing is a separate exclusive matter, but there are certain writing steps that are necessary to craft a report in an impressive way.

Before writing a college book report, a writer must be conscious about the notes as they are necessarily required for covering all possible aspects of a story.

How to start a book report


The first requirement for writing book reports is to read that book with complete concentration as well as with cautious mind because during reading a person is expected to realize and find out important developments and instances of a story so, he would be able to conveniently and more efficiently gather the points to incorporate in the report. Remember to take notes during reading as these notes will provide foundations to the report.

How To Start A Book Report?


Simply writing this stuff after reading would result in a poorly organized report because the writer might miss some important points and have to go back to the book flipping pages back and forth for finding required information. it needs to deal with the task with more meaningful mode like these reports start dealing with writer’s interpretation and extraction of meanings from events of the story. For this reason, notes making is highly suggested to highlight the important events of a book.

As these reports are supposed to be the precise version of a book and writer cannot mention every single thing, event and character into that report. Therefore, a much-focused approach is needed to notice the pattern of behavior across the story. In spite of writing specific details of an important instance of the story, you would rather supposed to identify the reasons of character’s action as especially in college level book reports; these reports must be the reflection of reader’s close investigation and interpretation.

Before start report writing, it is crucial to figure out the situations and settings of the story. In the beginning, the content setting doesn’t reveal coming story, but gradually when story proceeds then, a reader starts realizing how characters would meet with each other to form events and important turning points of a story. So, to initiate writing writer must be familiar with the story settings so, he can be able to relate things with each other.


A creative literary piece has various hidden dimensions and apparently reader can not feel them or identify them quickly. There might be many symbols or signs used into a story to represent different notions and happening; a cautious and intelligent reader can easily explore these signs, their meanings and their relevance to the basic theme.

Before writing a report, exploring and understanding the utilized symbolic expressions can increase the reliability and meaning of the report. Once you have finished the reading, after note taking next important step is to organize the information into headings.


The interpretation of story, characters, their actions, setting, events and symbols are completely dependant on your reading and examining skills and your notes would better tell you how far you have successfully deal with every book component as the ability to take good notes while reading is a significant skill that every student should master. These mentioned prewriting requisites can make your report more comprehensive and grade winning.

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