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In this day and age there are plenty of rich people who possess yachts, boats or any other kind of floating crafts. And sometime the day may came when one require transporting their yacht somewhere. The great way to do so will be to order boat transport Dubai and get the greatest and quickest transportation that is possible.

How long does the transportation of my yacht will take?

The transportation of the boat or yacht directly depends on the size of your transport and how far the destination is. Even if you want your boat to be shipped in several weeks to the other part of the world do not overthink it and trust us with your floating craft.

How did the while sea-transportation developed?

Ocean or sea transportation is becoming very popular. This is a very safe and secure kind of transportation. Regardless of the fact that usually it is not that fast, we can totally say that shipping a boat or yacht is a great way to get it is to a necessary destination.

If we will take the crew into consideration we can say that there are usually about 30-40 people on the transportation boat which totally differs from a tourist boat or liner where there are more than 1000 people as staff and crew.

Actually the first drawing of an ocean transportation was on the wall of one of Australian tribe that showed us that the very first trading and transporting boats were made out of tree trunks and various wood.

The very first sea-vessel was made for transporting people across very long channels and rivers. But as time went but people discovered that it is possible to transport plenty of different goods and other staff across the ocean.

It is widely known that Phoenicians were the primary people who transported goods and clothes though the ocean.

The fact that it is possible to transport smaller boats on the bigger ships comes up in 18th century. It was observed in the Spain and Portuguese for the first time.

Right now we can easily ship any kind of floating transports as far as we want to. It actually only the matter of time before your yacht will reach the destination. Shipping your yacht is totally safe and less expensive than driving it on the vehicle.

First of all you will lose more time and the whole transportation process will not be that safe at all.

Regarding the statistics we can see that around 90% of yacht and boat owners prefer to get their transport shipped. But if the destination is too far then it will be better if you will plan the whole transportation in 3 weeks advance (but better make it a month). Sometimes the circumstances can put you in such an unpleasant position when you have to get your yacht to Asian country or maybe Spain from Dubai in a week. We do realize that it is very challenging but there is totally no need to panic and dwell about it. All you ought to do is to choose a great transporting shipping company and specify distinctly what city is your current destination. And you will be able to observe on your own how pleasant the whole process of transportation is. By the way of you are on a tight budget you can order a longer ship-transportation, if it is possible and fits your schedule.

How do you choose a good yacht-transporting company?

In order for you to be sure that you are getting the best service there is you ought to check whether or not the company you are going to order is well-qualified. Some companies claim to be on the market for decades but they are just building their reputation out of nowhere. With our extraordinary services and legitimate workers you will see for yourself that transporting your yacht or boat is a very interesting and not overpriced process at all.

In past few decades we managed to improve our services and not like other companies we can promise you a total safety and security of your expensive and extremely valuable yachts and boats.

It is a huge step for you to trust us but if doing so you will not have any regrets at all.

Apart from being on the market for 30 years we can provide you with various reviews from customers all over the world who have trusted us and got a satisfying service in return.