Every year electronics seem to evolve, leaving the consumer with a large assortment of choices.  It is a market flooded with thousands of devices and gizmo’s all designed to make our lives easier.  Even though, every year newer and more advanced devices become available, the majority of us want to get as much use and time out of our smart devices and laptop computers as possible.  And for those that own multiple devices such as a computer, iPhone, or tablet, the steps to prolong the life of the devices are pretty similar since they are both computer operating systems.  So here are a few helpful steps you can take to get the most time out of your smart device.


Tip 1:  Take care of your Battery

Batteries normally have a life of 2-4 years before they are designed to go bad.  To help get the most life out of the battery is to manage how it is used.  One mistake that is commonly made occurs when the battery is fully charged, but the computer is left plugged in.  This puts stress on the battery in the form of heat and can lower its charge time and life.  It is also a good idea to completely drain the battery till it is dead and let it rest.  This should be done at least once a month.

Tip 2:  Spend some Time and Clean your Devices

The majority of the owners that own devices don’t spend nearly enough time keeping their devices clean.  In fact the, CDC recommends to clean any electronic device regularly as it is frequently touched and a haven for bacteria.  Before cleaning the device, make sure it is turned off.  You can clean the screen simply by using water and a soft tissue, and then drying the screen with a dry tissue.  Also spend some time using compressed air to spray out dust from the inside ports of your device.

Tip 3:  Avoid Food and Water as much as Possible

The enemy of electronics is liquid.  If the inside mechanisms are exposed to liquid, they can be severely damaged.  If a laptop is exposed to water, there is not very much you can do but cross your fingers it can be fixed.  With a smartphone you may have a little more luck.  One good method to remove all the moisture out of the phone is to take apart as much of the phone as you possibly can.  Place all of the pieces into dry rice and place it in the sun.  Let the phone sit in the rice for 24 hours and test it to see if it works.  Rice is very absorbent of moisture and a little bit of heat from the sun helps some of the water evaporate.

Tip 4: Safely destruct your Smart Devices

You don’t want to throw your cell phone or tablet in the trash. Instead, you want to have a company safely destruct your device so that it is properly recycled. This is the eco-friendly way of doing it. Call a certified data destruction company that will recycle your device(s) to prolong