phone numA small business needs all the forms of communication available. These include the telephone, a mailing address, electronic mail, instant messaging, fax, and text messaging. This ensures convenience for the business owners, for the employees, and for the customers.

Among these forms of communication, the one that is most often used is the telephone. However, having a conventional commercial phone system may not be enough for a growing business. A more practical choice for small entrepreneurs would be to avail of a business phone, like the RingCentral business phone system. Having an office phone system has a lot of advantages for the business and allows for an easy, stress-free means of communication.

Free Prefix

One of the features of an office phone system is the freedom to choose the prefix of your phone number. The prefixes 888, 800, and 877 are used by businesses who want to establish a nationwide presence. This will let the people know that the business operates nationwide and take away the impression that it is, indeed, a small business.

These toll-free numbers are also one way to show your customers that you care enough to make calling easier for them no matter where they are from. This gives your customers a sense of recognition and that you value whatever it is that they have to say. It is also beneficial for business owners should they have a need for extension lines in the future for another office, their home phone number, their mobile phones, or an employee’s number, since a toll-free extension can easily be added to the phone system.


In line with freedom to choose your phone number, aside from the prefix, you may also choose numbers that are easy to remember. These are called vanity phone numbers. These phone numbers are chosen for easy retention in the memory of the customers. This may help the effectiveness your marketing. Aside from being easy to remember, some business owners choose phone numbers that represent a significant word or set of words like the name of the business or the tagline of the company.

As a matter of Fax

Small businesses often need the use of a fax machine. The fax machine may be used for sending out quotations, proposals, marketing materials, and other business-related communication. VoIP service providers also offer assignment of a dedicated fax number so you can easily send and receive fax messages.


You may also use your office phone number as your fax number. This will make it easier for callers who also send fax messages since they will only have to remember one number.

Old and New

Your may keep your old phone number so as to prevent confusion about your contact details which may result to unsent messages and missed calls. Most service providers can do this. Maintaining your old number saves you from impressions of an unstable business. This saves you time, money, and effort to have to inform everyone that you have changed phone numbers and tell them about the new one especially if you already made a name for your business and have received a lot of calls already, meaning that the general public is already aware of your phone number. This applies to regular phone numbers and toll-free numbers.

Vanity phone numbers may be called that because you choose your phone number. However, it is anything but vanity since this is done for the convenience of your callers.