Techniques for loading, wrapping and moving pallets have evolved over the years and become more efficient and effective than ever before. Machines do a lot of the work that used to have to be done with manual labor. While the advent of the hydraulic pallet jack made it easy to move a thousand pounds of boxes on a small four by four foot pallet, it could not tell you how much that loaded pallet actually weighed.

Getting Information About Pallet Scale Before You Buy


Thanks to a relatively new innovation, shipping and receiving clerks can weight a pallet without having to roll it onto a big floor scale. Today, you can buy a pallet scale from and it will tell you, with a great degree of accuracy, exactly how much the pallet of freight weighs. A key advantage of having a scale attached to a pallet jack, or the blades of a forklift, is that you can quickly see how much a pallet weighs.

It saves you the time of moving a pallet over to a big floor scale, dropping it and removing the pallet jack or floor lift from the scale. In a busy warehouse, this can save you a lot of time during the course of the day. When you slide the blades of a forklift or pallet jack under a pallet and lift it off the ground, you can see an instant digital display that shows how much the loaded pallet weighs.

It will help you avoid overloading a truck with too much weight. Really heavy pallets should stay on the floor of your warehouse instead of going up on a shelf. Convenient, easy to use and accurate, someone had a very good idea when they decided to put a scale on a pallet jack.