NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is your one stop solution to get into a good medical or dental college. Students having a dream of putting Dr. in front of their names should have a close eye on all the relevant dates related to this examination. It’s considered as one of the most difficult yet widely accepted exams, which is the reason why you need to focus on NEET right from day one.

How NEET Replaced Other Examinations

For engineering colleges, the country had IIT-JEE in place for a long time. Colleges like NITs and other premier institutes also accepted the score of AIEEE to ensure that those students who couldn’t perform well in the IIT had enough chances to forge ahead in their lives. However, as the time passed, the government decided to merge these different exams in one exam to minimize the hassle. That’s where the JEE came into existence. Now we just have JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Likewise, in the medical field also Central Board of Secondary Education made some changes to improve the quality of education. Earlier, AIPMT was the national level exam to take admission in medical colleges. Other than this, different states had their own medical examinations to allot seats to students. This practice created a lot of doubts and gave birth to different questions, which led to a hassled system. In order to get rid of it, CBSE decided to eradicate all the national level and state level exams and replaced them all with one unified exam called NEET.

NEET or National Eligibility Entrance Test is the most acclaimed and widely accepted medical examination in the country. It has made the road to a good medical college a lot easier than ever before for students coming from Hindi and English medium backgrounds.

How To Prepare For NEET 

The best way to prepare for NEET is not to try and finish the entire syllabus in last few months. In the beginning, you may think that this target is achievable, but the time passes, you’ll feel the heat and fail to capitalize the available options. In order to avoid all the last moment hassle, you need to start preparing for the big day right from day one. There’s no alternative to hard work, and you need to understand this fact as soon as possible. Rather than finishing one hundred topics in 3 months, if you give them 9 months time, the amount of trouble you need to go through will reduce three times. Don’t even go into the overall clarity of the topic as it will be a lot better than the normal scenario.

In 2016, NEET was conducted in the month of May and July, so you can expect something similar for the 2017 NEET as well. There is not much time left for a detailed study, so you need to come up with a Plan B to make the best use of whatever time you’ve.

Now, it’s not wise to go for a detailed study, just like you would have done a few months ago. If you want to finish the entire syllabus before the date of exam, then go for selective study approach. What you can do is make a list of all the topics that you think (based on the past trend) are important for the examinations and start fine tuning them. Each year, a few topics are given more importance than most other topics. If you can allot a maximum of your time on preparing those topics, you can easily get desired results.

Apart from doing a selective study, you also need to check the previous years’ question papers. Last 10 years question papers are more than enough to get a brief idea of how this year’s paper will look like. Since NEET is still new, you can take as many papers of it as possible and then take AIPMT papers for the remaining years to get a fair idea.

As you all know that the NEET application form 2017 will soon be available online, make sure you follow the tips mentioned here to avoid any depressive state at a later stage.