Many websites have a huge audience, but it is possible that they lose traffic due to a number of reasons. We may lose visitors when our content start to lack quality and relevance. Whenever we add more content, it is important that we can stay relevant. It’s also important to measure the level of quality. If the overall quality of content starts to degrade then, we should expect to lose some visitors. Another bad design factor is excessive scrolling. Even with a shorter webpage, reading online is harder on the eye. So, it is important to break up the webpage into much easier elements. Any essential content should be placed above the fold. It is also a good idea to break up one long page into several smaller ones. Excessive scrolling can be made worse by the lack of clarity.

We should know that people come to our website for specific reason. It’s important to make sure that they get what they are looking for. We should make sure that the content has clear purpose and people are able to obtain new information from it. As an example, people should immediately know what our products are and what we are offering. It means that we should also avoid using too much jargon.  Save all the techie speak for real experts and we should assume that visitors know very little about our industry. They need our help and it is not prudent to force them to learn so much in a short period of time. People could also have little respect to our website, if we continue to praise ourselves.

People could get tired if they continue to see how we praise ourselves. This will put people off. Instead of continue to focus on ourselves, we should also focus on our audience. We should provide them with assurance on they they can be helped. They often want to hear about benefits of using our products, instead of the flashiest design of the year. Poor design and color could also a bad thing for the overall performance of our website. We should think hard before choosing the right color for our design. Shoddy and unprofessional work could easily drive people away, even if we have first class products and services. We should think about proper color combinations and how we can get the perfect visitor for our website.

It is certain that we should be able to match their taste. As an example, for websites that are selling parts and accessories for big motorcycles shouldn’t use a mixture of light yellow and pink. Colors also shouldn’t be to contrasting or too bright. We should keep things simple. Light colored background is often the best alternative. They will work well with dark colored font and it is important that it will be easier on the eye. Poor spelling and grammar should also be avoided whenever possible. Font shouldn’t be too small or too large. People won’t return if they struggle to read.