Psychology as a scientific study has no definite boundaries. Unlike other branches of science, it deals with all the dark corners of human mind, probing and investigating the facts and looks for the possible solutions or reason for such effects. Also there are cases where no genetic relation could be found to support the theory of psychological issues.

But, with more advanced equipments at the disposal and better understanding of human minds there are lots of research that is going on which, if successful can change the course of human psychology. Based on the interest generated and criticality of the actions, the top 25 psychological researches that we should known of are:


1. Education and intelligence to determine the student’s capability to learn is based on the education received or the education he is able to cope up with

2. Adult contents in cartoons and animes to generate more interest from the viewers by depicting enhancement of sexual organs

3. Psychological studies are conducted all over the world to find the reason for sexual fetishes in some people whereas others are completely deviated towards any sexual activity

4. Effects of negative parenting on child psychology

5. Perpetration of child abuse and their profile to understand the cause and abolition of the same.

6. Workplace ethics and behavior of ex-convicts who has completed their sentence.

7. Exposure of children to the televisions and computer and the effect of them on their emotional and intellectual developments.

8. Effect of social networks, online dating and online role playing games in development of psychological profile

9. Depression, a major area for study among psychologists, to determine the cause and cure for the same

10. Learning disabilities among a few children in particular have always been one of the spot for worry research is ongoing to curb them.

11. Intelligence test to test one’s IQ has always been a tool to evaluate one’s intellect

12. Studies have never stopped while it comes to the laws of attraction that brings two individuals together

Subconscious Mind

13. Parapsychology and paranormal activity, to check their validity according to the claims. This is one of the oldest ongoing fields where no definite result has been achieved and the research is still at large.

14. Hypnosis and past life regression with development of various alternative healing techniques which may or may not have affected individuals, but generates a lot claim either way.

15. Alternative reality is a major issue where one individual simply forgets his current situational existence and create an alternative as per his psychological needs and refuses to accept the actual scenarios.

16. Criminal psychology to understand the cause of a crime and driving force behind the act

17. Dreams are said to be the manifestation of the subconscious mind so there is no doubt that it will always be ranked among the top.

18. Memory of a person determine his identity and studies are ongoing to tackle memory related issues

General Mental Disorders and diseases

19. Autism

20. Schizophrenia

21. Anger issues and dealing with them

22. Transgender and homosexuality

23. Suicide issues

24. Ethics and behavior

25. Shyness and bullying, initial stages of building one’s personality.

Other fields are definitely there but primarily they are branches of the above mentioned topics. A lot of groundbreaking theories have been provided but the studies are still very much on.

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