During the lockdown, the next biggest trend was people getting their garden offices built so they could work from home easier. I mean, who wouldn’t want a space in the garden where you can work or relax surrounded by the nature in your garden which can be extremely good for your mental health. Whether it was commissioning a builder to create you a bespoke garden room or repurposing old outside buildings such as your shed and summerhouse, having a space to work outside is definitely needed. 

Working from home certainly has its advantages like no commute to work, only wearing office attire in meetings and just simply getting more work done. The issue is when you work from home, it is easy to get distracted and have no motivation to do work. In this article, we will go through some steps to make your new garden office more productive and inviting to work in. 

Keep It Simple

If you already have a great space like a summerhouse, turning it into a productive office space won’t be that hard to transition. The best way to keep things simple is by having a very neutral colour palette and adding different textures through furnishing and decor. Remember, flexibility is key as things probably won’t pan out correctly straight away. Play with the setting and just keep going until you are happy. Having a neutral room keeps your mind clear and also helps you to get on with your work as it provides a dedicated spot with little to no distraction.

Repurpose A Side Return

If you have a large enough garden, use the main space for your garden office. They have become extremely popular with lockdown and people being encouraged to work from home. It has also been extremely difficult to separate work and home life, having a garden office will improve your work-life balance. It also removes distraction whilst also being able to go into your home for a relaxing time. 

Choose The Correct Decor For Your Space

Even though your office is in the garden, it doesn’t mean that you have to make it look like a shed. Opt for a black feature wall which is extremely on-trend at the moment. You can then add decoration to your office which resembles being in the home like adding some wall art prints. Familiarity is another great feature to get you more productive. If you have enough space, you can have a break area where you can have some floor cushions so that you can have somewhere to chill on your lunch break. 

Paint The Walls To Improve Productivity

When you work from home and have created your garden room. It’s a great idea to look at colours that promote productivity as this can help you to determine what colour scheme to go with. Green is a neutral and balanced colour that also ties well with the garden so that could be a good place to start. Having elements of nature can also increase productivity so have some plant or botanical wall art prints to brighten up the scene. 

Hang Curtains To Prevent Glare On Screens

You’re inevitably going to get some sort of glare on your computer screen. The best way to resolve this is by having some curtains which you can then pull closed when you need to. This will prevent the glare whilst also keeping your office light. Ovoid blackout blinds, this will create too much darkness which hinders productivity. Alternatively, you could look at getting an anti-glare screen protector which will help with this issue. 

Create Different Spaces With Screening

As discussed earlier, it’s best to have a separate place for your break. If you need a quiet space for concentrating, then using screening can be a great way to separate your areas for different things. This works especially well if you are a photographer or musician. This is also a great idea if it isn’t just you using the office, if you have other people working it can help to reduce tensions by having decorative screening to separate your workspaces without distractions or interruptions. 

Stay Connected

One thing that is essential when working in a garden office is, of course, Wi-Fi. You can either buy a Wi-Fi extender that can boost your broadband connection. Alternatively, you can make sure that you are close enough to the house to pick up the signal or move the router closer to the garden office, but this could cause more complications if more than one person is using the internet or if you have multiple tech devices. The first option is recommended as there is nothing worse than a glitchy Zoom meeting, conferences or presentations. 

Repurpose The Garden Furniture

If you’re on a budget and are trying to save money by using a shed, then you may be wanting to find other solutions to getting furniture. Rather than buying new, why don’t you repurpose your garden furniture? Another great way to save money is by purchasing your furniture from charity shops as this will be ideal for the garden office. 

Be sure that it is functional so you can work at it properly. Although it would be great, there’s no point getting a hammock if you’re going to be sitting there all day. Get something that will last like an old outdoor dining table.

Add Layers For Warmth

A garden room can get a little cold sometimes, especially if you are using a repurposed shed. It’s a wise decision to start adding layers and textures such as pillows, rugs, curtains and maybe even the odd throw blanket. This will make the office look more inviting and homely. Adding a homely touch will add warmth and also protect you from the draughts coming through the floorboards or the doors. Another way you can add some homeyness into your office is by adding plants, ornaments and botanical wall prints.

Having a garden office can help productivity and give you back that work-life balance. If you are thinking about getting one yourself, then these tips will come in handy.