Reclaimed wood is one of the most excellent ways to bring back to life some of the world’s most beautiful types of wood, in an inexpensive yet high quality way. The cost of reclaimed wood furniture greatly varies depending on how much work has been put into reforming whichever object the wood was taken from, as well as the type and quality of the wood itself.

With reclaimed wood desks, you can expect to find any kind of object being repurposed into a surface for the use of work, dining, and hobbies. That being said, this article will be looking at some of the finest examples of reclaimed wood desks around today.

You will really struggle to find furniture with more soul, character, and love poured in. Reclaimed wood is an excellent solution for those looking for the most unique and specialized furniture available on the market.

Solid Oak with 28 Inch Black Iron Pipe Legs

Often, you will find that a historic antique has been transformed into a reclaimed wood desk. In this instance, a 19th century barn door was repurposed into a desk, with its large and thick wooden oak boards being brought into this design with much care and expertise.

You can really see the aging in this product, and will be inspired to know that a real piece of history has been turned into a useful application for your home or office. This desk comes with four 28 inch black iron pipe legs, topped with a solid oak top.

Whitewashed Wood with Metal Legs

This is one of the most unique reclaimed wood designs around, combining a vintage two inch piece of solid pine combined with a contemporary set of four spider web legs.

Not only is this piece a wonderful combination of aged wood and modern design touches, it is very durable, built to last while providing an artistic flourish to any home or office.

Colorful Reclaimed Wood Desk for Children

Reclaimed wood desks are not just for offices or dining rooms, you can also find plenty of designs for children to enjoy in their rooms or out in the garden. Reclaimed wood desks for children are also excellent for hosting parties with.

This particular model has been painted in purple, yellow, and blue stripes, after being perfectly sanded down and smoothened to provide a perfectly safe surface for children to play, eat, and do their homework on.

Reclaimed Wood Desk with Drawers

This particular desk has been worked into a herringbone pattern, being completed with four hairpin metal legs. Such a desk is best for the use in studies or offices, as well as living rooms and lounges.

The four drawers have been lovingly crafted out of carefully hand-picked reclaimed oak pieces. All of the desk’s wooden components have been finished with an eco-friendly oil made from hard wax.

This particular piece can be customized further by request of customers, which is an excellent feature to employ in a service which is run by the most talented figures in carpentry.