Whether you manage a restaurant or a hotel, one of the services you will need for your business is a linen supply service. While you can keep linen in stock and launder it at your business, it is less costly to hire a linen service for all your needs. There are many services to choose from in most cities, so how do you decide which one to hire?

Go for Quality

Many linen companies will try to gain the competitive advantage by offering low prices for their services, but they will usually buy linen made from low-quality materials in order to be able to afford to give you those low offers. While such items may look okay, the bed linen may feel scratchy and the towels will not absorb water as well as those made from higher quality materials.

Although it is important to keep costs down, you also want your guests to feel comfortable. By spending a bit more for a linen service that provides high-quality bed and bath linen, your guests will feel pampered and be more comfortable when they stay at your hotel.

How To Find The Best Linen Service For Your Hotel or Restaurant Needs

Look for Variety

While many inexpensive linen services will be able to supply your business with the hotel or restaurant linen you need, their selection is usually very limited. You should select a company that offers a larger variety of linen and uniforms so you can use your company’s colours, thus helping to brand your business. In addition, having a choice of different linen to choose from will allow you to select more luxurious towels, robes and sheets to make an impression on your guests.

Consider Your Budget

Visual appeal is very important,, especially in the restaurant industry. When a guest walks into your premises, you want to make the best impression possible, and a well-dressed table will help you to do so. It is important to place fresh, clean tablecloths and napkins on your tables after guests have left and before seating new ones.

It can be expensive to use fresh linen every time a guest leaves, so you will want to select a service like Stalbridge Linen that can help you keep costs down. You can still get the linen and uniforms your hotel or restaurant needs to impress your guests without breaking your budget if you properly research and are careful about the service you select to supply your business.

Customer Service Access

When you manage a hotel or restaurant, your business isn’t usually open from just nine in the morning to five in the evening, so you will want a linen service you can contact after traditional business hours. When you need to add to an order or get more linen between deliveries, it is important that you can reach the service on weekends or after hours so that your needs are quickly fulfilled.

Using these four considerations when choosing a linen service can help you find a company to fulfil your need for high-quality sheets, tablecloths, towels or uniforms for your hotel or restaurant and help you make a great impression on your guests.