As the year end approaches, it is time for the gifting season to begin. This includes corporate gifts that e send to clients, special consumers or associates. But a corporate gift is not the same as a personal gift.

This gift is the perfect opportunity for branding. Ideally you want a gift that will showcase your brand, last for some time and have utility for the receiver. This increases the chances that the receiver will actually use the gift. Showcasing the brand will increase the chances of brand recall.

5 Unique Corporate Gifts That Your Clients Will Love

Here are some Unique Gifts that Fit the Bill:

Planner: Diaries are passé. But planners are much more in demand. The perfect time to gift a planner is around now when the year is ending and a new year is about to begin, since this is when we start looking for one. Planners are also a perfect medium to brand yourself. The pages can all carry your logo discreetly, making sure that your brand is seen every time someone opens the planner.

Food bag: There are many options to choose here and you can customise it according to budget and preference. You can go for a generic food bag/carton/basket with items like coffee, cake, biscuits and some munchies. Or you can try something exotic like a selection of teas, tea cakes or health food packs. You can also get customised packaging with your brand and logo displayed on the package.

Desk top garden: This is unique enough to stand out by itself! These are little packages that contain miniature pots and all the paraphernalia one needs for a desktop plant. This is useful for both home and the office desk. This means that it has high chances of being used. The pots can be customised to carry corporate logo, making it the perfect corporate gift.

Bluetooth keychain: This is no ordinary keychain. The bluetooth keychain also has locator, which pinpoints locations with a loud beep. Controlled by an app, the keychain is perfect for people who keep forgetting their keys! Again, the unusual gift is also thoughtful with high utility. It also gives you a perfect opportunity for branding.

Fidget spinner: This toy-cum-therapy tool is still the all rage among adults and kids. This is also one of those gifts that will be used to the receivers and their family, increasing the chances of brand positioning.

Corporate gifts are not just about the spirit of giving. These gifts are also a perfect opportunity for branding. Try our unusual ideas for unique, but thoughtful gifts.