Cloud hosting offer multiple benefits to any business and this explains why cloud server hosting providers are in great demand these days. Cloud computing offers faster data accessibility and enhanced data security supported by lower capital expenditures, less maintenance and effective resource allocation to handle unprecedented traffic spikes. Selection of cloud server hosting providers will play a crucial role in determining how successful an IT organization is. To choose cloud server hosting providers, it is very important to first understand and analyze your own business requirements. You should have a clear idea about the features you are looking for in your clod hosting package because you will not want to waste money or time on solutions which will not benefit you in the long run. Secondly, it may be a good idea to choose a provider which lets you try out its services for a while free of cost. This enables you to decide whether the provider offers reliable cloud hosting solutions or not.

Tips to choose Cloud Server Hosting Providers:

One of the first things that you should consider when choosing a cloud hosting provider is the kind of user interface it offers. Most cloud server hosting providers will allow you to design your virtual data center using servers, load balancers, storage and firewalls. You should be able to activate this newly-designed infrastructure with simple mouse clicks without having to deal with complex tables and forms. When the resources and time become lesser, a user-friendly interface is what you need so that your IT staff does not have to spend a lot of time learning the intricacies of operation.

You must review the SLA or Service Level Agreement carefully although this is not a foolproof guarantee. It is basically a commitment offered to the user by the provider whereby the latter promises to respond promptly in case there is a downtime. When the SLA offered is not sufficient, you can negotiate with the provider to come up with a customized solution which is acceptable to both.

You must find out how responsibilities will be divided when there is a technical glitch or power outage. This implies that you must know about the level of transparency offered by the provider, whether they proactively inform clients about breaches, the measures it will undertake in times of disasters and the types of restitution provided by it when disaster strikes.

You should only choose cloud server hosting providers which offer simple pricing plans that can be understood clearly by consumers. Their sales staff should be open to answering your queries and must make proper suggestions.

Cloud server hosting providers will offer different levels of resources which culminate in different levels of performance. Since the storage IO may vary from one provider to the next, your performance in the cloud may be automatically affected. You must find out the amount of network bandwidth your organization uses currently and whether the provider can offer easy-to-use server options to deal with fluctuating demands.

Your provider must be able to guarantee complete protection for your data from external attacks. It should offer firewalls and 24×7 monitoring conducted by trained experts.

You must have a clear idea about the infrastructure offered by the provider to be sure that it can cater to your organization’s needs. While the physical location is very important for consideration, you should also investigate into the jurisdictional requirements that will regular laws during disputes and environmental factors for assessing natural risks like earthquakes and hurricanes.

Although you will come across many cloud server hosting providers who claim to provide “extraordinary” supports, you need to verify the kind of technical support you will be getting. You should find out whether the provider offers free support or only different tiers of paid technical support; whether the mode of payment is a pay-as-you-go model or on a subscription basis. You must also know whether you will manage the cloud internally or whether you be entitled to manage cloud hosting services.

Another major factor to consider when choosing a cloud hosting provider is the method of payment and pricing. Most providers will make you pay for resources as you use them. You should not be forced to buy packages which have pre-determined CPU cores and which will make you spend more than your budget. Instead of simply settling for the cheapest plans, you should look at the specific resources you are getting. You must also find out about any additional or special features that you may be entitled to on buying a package. Being aware of hidden fees is also important when you are choosing a provider.

How To Choose Cloud Server Hosting Providers

Finally, it is recommended that you only choose cloud server hosting providers which have a solid track record and have been around for many years. The company should be financially secure and must own sufficient funds. So, the reputation of the provider is perhaps the most important criterion for selecting a quality cloud hosting provider. You can always find out about reliable provider by reading through online reviews on their performance and going through client testimonials.