Affordable VPS hosting plans are what businesses want when they are in need of additional resources to accommodate their business interests. Affordable VPS hosting plans are ideal for small and medium sized businesses which have outgrown the resources like bandwidth or disk space which shared hosting can offer them, but which lack the expertise or money to opt for a dedicated hosting plan. VPS hosting allows these enterprises to get their feet wet before switching to dedicated server hosting. In VPS hosting, a single physical server is divided to create many virtual server, each functioning independent of the others. The client enjoys root access and is free to configure the server settings or install software and applications to cater to his interests.

Tips To Choose Affordable VPS Hosting Plans

How can you get Affordable VPS Hosting Plans?

VPS plans will work like a middle path between shared hosting and dedicated hosting; so, these plans are typically cheaper than dedicated server hosting plans and costlier than shared hosting plans. In shared hosting, a single server houses multiple sites and each website enjoys limited resources like space or bandwidth. Affordable VPS hosting will let you upgrade your resources as and when it becomes necessary; you will not need to invest in expensive hardware to be able to enjoy the features of dedicated hosting. You will come across many providers offering affordable VPS hosting plans; however, cheap plans do not necessarily become effective for web hosting. You will need to choose a provider that offers affordably priced feature-rich VPS hosting plans.

Tips to choose Affordable VPS Hosting Plans:

• To begin with, you must decide whether you want managed VPS service or unmanaged VPS. In unmanaged VPS, you can save more money because the responsibility for maintaining and monitoring the server and troubleshooting server-related problems rests with your IT staff. Therefore, unmanaged VPS plans are obviously likely to be lower priced compared to manage VPS plans where the provider is completely responsible for server management and maintenance.

• When choosing a provider for cheap VPS hosting, you must inquire about the levels of technical support you will be entitled to in their packages. You need a provider which will offer you round-the-clock assistance so that your website does not face downtime even when there is a technical glitch. The provider must offer support through live chats, phone calls and emails.

• Before choosing VPS plans, you must decide whether you want to opt for Windows VPS or Linux VPS. The latter is a cheaper option because Linux is an open source platform and there are no licensing fees. On the other hand, most users have higher familiarity with Windows and when you website runs ASP and ASP.NET applications, you will be required to use Windows VPS hosting.

• Redundancy means availability of backup resources at the data center so that when the power fails; there will be backup generators and UPS systems to ensure that the site functions optimally. You must choose a provider that not only offers high redundancy but also a high degree of scalability at a nominal price. This will ensure that the site can handle sudden traffic spikes without slowing down.

• When choosing affordable VPS hosting plans, you must ensure that you get sufficient RAM and disk space. Moreover, the hardware being used should be of superior quality and manufactured by reputed brands. This is why settling for very low-priced VPS plans may not be a wise thing to do if the hardware provided by the provider is not up to the mark. So, where it concerns performance, it is always better to choose hosts which can guarantee the latest processors which will ensure a far more rewarding user experience.

• When choosing VPS plans, you should also find out about the storage capacity you will be offered, whether there are any restrictions of data transfers, the backup protocols the provider offers, data protection measures etc.

Tips To Choose Affordable VPS Hosting Plans

Finally, to get the best and most affordable VPS hosting plans, you must compare the prices offered by different providers in order to make a well-informed choice. You can also choose a provider that offers a free trial version; this will allow you to test whether its services are indeed reliable or not and you can discontinue the services if you are not happy with the performance. Price is therefore one of the most important considerations when choosing VPS plans. During a trial period, it is your duty to check for the network uptime and review the Service Level Agreements. This will give you an indication of how reliable the services are and you will also know what compensations to expect in case the provider is unable to live up to the promises it has made to its clients.