PS4 is one of the hottest gaming systems in the world, and it’s easy to see why. It has immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and a wealth of features gamers across the globe have fallen in love with.

But if you’re going to make the most out of your PS4 experience, you’ll need a great headset. The right headset can dramatically improve your gameplay, and make you a fearsome competitor in online games by increasing your awareness of your surroundings. So how do you choose the right headset? We’ve got the rundown on what to look for in PS4 gaming headsets, so you can take your game to the next level.


Odds are, you’re going to be wearing your PS4 gaming headset for a while (especially if you play in tournaments), so you need one that’s comfortable and lightweight. Look for a design that rests easily on your head, and provides you with a padded headband for extra support.

We recommend looking for ear cushions wrapped in synthetic leather that are amply padded, so you can focus on your gameplay and not have to contend with an uncomfortable headset.

Mic Quality

It’s important to have a microphone capable of picking up your every word, so your system — and other players — can hear exactly what you’re saying. Look for a model that has a high-sensitivity mic, so you never have to contend with confused commands.

Some models even offer a flip-up microphone, so you can have it out of the way unless you really need it. This also mutes your microphone, which is a great feature for when you’re switching between multiplayer games and solo sessions.

Superior Sound System

Not all sound systems are created equal when it comes to PS4 gaming headsets. You need one that gives you crisp, sharp sound so you always know what’s going on around you under any gaming situation.

Your best bet is a gaming headset that features over-ear speakers for an immersive sound experience. 40mm speakers will provide you with the sound quality you need to hear every single word uttered by your teammates, or the sound of an enemy sneaking up behind you. You’ll be amazed by how the right speakers can take your gaming to a whole new level.


Sure, the PS4 is an amazing gaming system — but what if you like to sometimes dabble with other systems? In that case, you’re going to want a headset that offers multi-platform compatibility. That means you can use the same headset with a variety of gaming systems, including your PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or even your mobile devices. You’ll be able to enjoy superior quality and gameplay with all your systems, without having to shell out tons of money on multiple headsets.


You’re not still relying on an old-fashioned headset with wires, are you? The new breed of PS4 gaming headsets generally comes wireless, giving you unsurpassed freedom to move about while gaming. Make sure the model you choose maintains the same crystal clear sound quality no matter where you go; you don’t want some noise interference to ruin the climactic battle in your favorite game.

Battery Life

Nobody wants to waste their time charging headsets when they could be playing, so it’s best to look for PS4 gaming headsets that can last as long as your gaming marathons do. While some headsets only last for five or six hours, other models provide you with over 15 hours of continuous gameplay. Rechargeable batteries are the best option, and ensure you’ll have a maximum charge for all your gaming needs.