Bacteria are smallest living organisms, very tiny we cannot see them with naked eyes and these generally consists single cell. In single inch, millions of bacteria exist and in a single centimeter on our skin, millions of bacteria exist even today. There are many kinds of bacteria, few of them good for us and the remaining will cause damage to us. Our body has an immune mechanism that keeps on fighting with these bacteria to protect us. These bacteria can be found anywhere in every condition, they multiply themselves very rapidly; the growth rate of bacteria under their favorite environment is very high. Therefore, we have to update our health and immune system daily to fight back these bacteria. Here are list few foods, which can help us in fighting back bacteria.


Garlic is one of the most known and popular anti-biotic foods we can have in our diet menu. In food preparation, it acts as the key ingredient to bring the awesome taste. It is an ancient food, which was used by our ancestors. It is called as the father of “western medicine”, it helps us in fighting the Bacteria as well as other diseases like Lung cancer, prostate cancers and other kind of cancers.


Honey is one of the best things that never get waste or damaged, it has natural healing properties. The pure honey taken out from the bees made nest will have highly beneficial properties, eating them directly or in any mixture will help us in fighting the bacteria. It has ability to heal the wounds directly when you apply them directly on the wounds. Honey can use in curing medicines. Because of powerful and natural medicinal properties, it helps in fighting the certain kind of bacteria.


Cabbage comes under green leafy vegetables, but when you compare in terms of fighting bacteria, it stands in the top list. Cabbage fights a kind of bacteria, which can cause us stomach ulcers namely H. Pylori Bacteria. The juice of the cabbage is used in treating the cancer and it helps us from protecting yourself from dangerous radiation exposure. It has much more anti-bacterial properties in it.


Every country in Asian region uses the Onion in every dish they do because their ancestors know the anti-bacterial capacity in the onion. Onion contains an important ingredient, which is an important one in fighting the bacteria, the sulfur. It acts as the effective anti-bacterial and it helps us in bringing out the phlegm from the congested lungs. It also encourages the blood circulation by their natural anti inflammatory property.