Wide open spaces usually require the use of large letter stencils to enhance visual clarity of messages from long distances. Common large areas that require extensive portrayal of messages are parking lots, sports fields, courts, etc. Stenciling is an easy to do technique that gets slightly complicated as the project grows larger, but is still relatively simple to complete. Various stenciling options exist today; you can prefer to buy a kit, a design stencil, or individual stencils for numbers, letters, words, or phrases. Purchasing the actual stencil will let you use it for future jobs.

Large letter stencil kits

Sometimes buying individual stencils (buying just the letters or numbers you need) will actually be more expensive than purchasing a kit. Individual and kit stencils can come in any size between 2-96 inches. The basic readymade sets include ten letters of a client’s choosing. You can upgrade the kits and get added stencils such as all the letters of the alphabet, numbers, or commonly used phrases. Any upgrade will mean spending more money as should be expected.

Stencils can be bought in any font and there are over five hundred fonts to choose from. If you can imagine it, you can stencil it. Customizations are widely available, with the extra cost, but will fit your desires perfectly. You do not necessarily have to only have letters or numbers. Your special order large stencils can also include images, as extravagant or mundane as your heart wants. Find a retail store near you or search online stores. It is more probable that you shall find what you are looking for online than in a physical locale. As always, make sure you do smart shopping and read reviews of products sold before purchasing.

“Do not enter”, “Private Property”, “No Parking”, and “Warning”, are the most demanded phrases that are also available as one stencil. This means you can stencil the phrase without having to buy the individual letters to make it, saving you time, effort, and money. Buy accordingly and specifically depending on the message you intend to make and compare prices. (Will a one stencil buy be more appropriate? How large is the message? How many individual letters are required?)

Large Letter Stencils

The use of stencil locks     

Stencil locks do as the name indicates, they “lock” the stencil into place, which facilitates work and reduces margins of error. They are especially useful for large stenciling projects. The locks allow stencils to be interlocked on top and bottom, prohibiting movement and permitting a professional application. Try to avoid using a paint brush to mark the message, especially large ones. It is best if you use aerosol paint and a marking gun. The marking gun is optional but offers better control and comes with an inverted tip. Depending on the surface to be painted, you might not need aerosol paint but another specialized painting material like reflective or athletic field paint.

Materials used in the making of stencils

Most large letter stencils are elaborated with Polyethylene plastic. This popular plastic is durable and sturdy and it will get you through many future projects. The two classic large letter stencil kit brands are from Durolast or Maxilast. Durolast, ironically, is actually cheaper and less lasting than Maxilast. However, the Durolast brand can easily be cut, making it more customizable.

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