Bus charter services are hired by various organizations to make their transit easier. There are several advantages of using such services. Besides saving money on transport, you can also make sure that everybody arrives to the event on time.

Different Types Of Charter Buses Available - A Reference Guide

The bus services are quite handy if you have to ferry a large group of people to a particular place. If you are not sure about the type of bus that suits, then read on to know the different kinds of bus types available.


Most of the minibuses are used for shuttling and local trips. However, when you want a bus for a small group, minibus can be the best option for the road trips. They have air conditioning and DVD, but no restrooms. It is comfortable and most convenient.

Charter Bus

These buses are also referred as tour buses or motor coaches. They are deluxe buses with comfortable reclining seats for a large group of people. They come with restrooms, air conditioners, DVD and a lot more. They are safe and comfortable for long trips.

School Bus

These buses are best for local trips and short ones. They are very easy on the pocket. They do not have restrooms and air conditioners. Yet they have comfortable seating.

Entertainer Coaches

These kinds of buses are generally used by musical group as well as celebrities. They come with bunks for resting. These are usually booked for a long period of road trips like 30 days or more. All these buses have restrooms, air conditioners and DVD. Usually drivers and cost of fuel are listed on the quotation for these buses. If you like to rent entertainer coaches, then you can log onto http://azlimo.com/transportation-services/bus-charter-phoenix/.

Executive Coaches

These buses are perfect for corporate meetings. They are generally booked for just a day or an evening trip. The interiors are designed perfectly to meet your office needs. They come with air conditioning, DVD and sometimes restrooms.

Party Buses

They are very common these days and rented for various events such as wedding parties, birthday parties, etc. They have comfortable seating with a restroom and an attendant serving drinks onboard. A television or DVD is always present. It is a lot of fun to travel on a party bus.


This kind of vehicle is ideal for wedding, local events and tours. This is definitely an exciting option as compared to chartering any standard bus.

Double Decker

These are quite rare type of buses. They are available either as open or closed topped. As insurance is bit higher on open-topped buses, it is a bit difficult to find such vehicles. They are generally available in the metro markets and are used for tours.

It is always a great idea to hire bus charter services. It is expensive and inconvenient to make everyone drive their own vehicle. Today, many types of buses are available for rentals to meet different itinerary requirements at fair prices. You should decide and choose one, which is convenient for you from the wide range of services available.