Over the past few years, we see there are plenty of apps which are coming into existing frequently. There are lots of apps which make us confused; which one to download and which one to share. The main problem is how to know which app is the good one? Here are some of the best and popular apps of 2013, which you can get and share with your friends.

1. Juice Defender Ultimate

This is one app, which you must have because this app helps you managing your battery life.  For Android users battery life is the main problem if you use your android devices for other purposes such as watching videos, listen to music a lot and play games then you surely have a need to download this app now. There are 3 versions of this app which you can download; out of which one is absolutely free and other two are premium version which you can get after paying for the app. You can try a free version of the app after which you can go for the premium version.


2. HD Widgets

With this app, you will have plenty of widget choices. You will have the option of widgets, which you can customize according to your desire. There are plenty of options such as fonts, color and how you want them to display. With this app, you also get one huge widget, which is about 6×2, which will work better with large screens such as laptops and tablets. Download it today and make your screens look more managed and cool.


3. Splashshtop Remote Desktop HD

There are many times when we feel the need of using computers after leaving office. In such cases, we have to go back which most of the people hate because we have to restart computer system, which wastes a lot of time. To avoid this hassle, you must download this app on your android devices and operate your computer from your mobiles. You just need an internet connection. This is the only application that shows the entire screen of computer Vs.  shrunk down version.


4. Business Calendar

This is necessary to have app for the entrepreneurs and is a laden calendar, which you can have in your devices. You can put it in the widgets and change months to week view whatever you like. In addition, if you need to make appointment changes just drag and drop it on the day you would like it to be. This is what all business calendars can do for you manage your meetings and remind you about them.

5. Swiftkey 3 Keyboards

This is one of the initiative app you can download for your devices. The prognostic keyboard is exceptional, and you can also get the tablet version for your tablets. This version provides you with the split keyboard for the mode as landscape.

These are the few amazing apps, which you can download for your devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

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