How to Prevent Your Smartphone from Flat LiningWe have all been there: we spend a long day in the office Tweeting and making comments on Facebook all day while multi tasking. When the workday ends our phones have little juice left, and making plans with the family or buddies for a drink is next to impossible. We can’t seem to keep our cell phones in that desk drawer and as a result we have challenges in making post-work plans with loved ones. But thanks to a new Android battery app, you might be able to have your cellular cake and eat it too.

The hype around the app

The Snapdragon BatteryGuru takes user experience to the next level by extending battery life from making intelligent judgments on the user’s cell phone behavioral patterns. Tanks to this free app, your smartphone will require fewer charges and will see a significant boost in battery life that will get you through the work day and well into the evening.

How does it work?

Once the app has been downloaded from the Google Play store, give it approximately one week to learn your user habits. If you are someone who checks Facebook before even getting out of bed when the alarm goes off at 6AM, the BatteryGuru will remember and take note. If you always take lunch between noon and one, your new battery app will note this. When your down time is active, the battery saving app shuts down your apps, wifi, and a number of other features that drain battery life. But as soon as lunch hour rolls around, your phone boosts up the typical programs you use.

The need for machines to recognize human patterns of behavior is expressed in an article published by The author states that cell phones could actually help us improve our lives. The article says that cell phones can serve as mirrors held to our faces, showing us how we really spend our hours. The BatteryGuru has already embarked on these shores. But in addition to spitting out our own cellular habits into our faces, this app takes on a sustainable semblance and preserves much the needed battery life for additional hours of entertainment.

The best part to this app is that it requires zero programming or the need to set reminders. The app is so advanced that it actually learns our behavior that makes educated choices. This makes life easier for us!

The 411 on batteries

If you are crossing your fingers hoping that the next generation Galaxy phone will have better 4g, shine brighter, and last longer on a single charge, then you are in line for a huge disappointment. According to an article on Smartphone battery life the author points out that new smartphones are outpacing improvements in battery technology. The article criticizes cell phone manufacturers for their failure to advance past the 15-tear-old lithium battery technology. The author also shakes his finger at app developers for finally just “waking up to the problem”. But the BatteryGuru didn’t just “wake up”; it soared to the occasion and created the first app ever to learn human behavior in order to preserve battery life. In essence, if is picking up the slack that people are simply too lazy to do on their own.

Organize your life

With a dead cell phone comes a dead social life. Reclaim the reigns and download this app today. Nobody wants to go to work the next day and hear about the great time everyone else had at the local pub while you were driving home with a dead phone.

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