CCTV cameras are extensively used these days. Although they have become all pervasive, we see them mostly in official establishments and commercial places. And because they are designed for the purpose of surveillance, they have become a commonplace thing.

CCTV cameras have become a necessity these days. Business owners use them to keep an eye on their employees and what they do. This helps them find out whether or not the employees do productive work during office hours.

Talking about industrial setups and other work environments, the two most widely used varieties of CCTV cameras are Industrial CCTV cameras and hidden cameras. These cameras are used to track the activities of the workers inside the office premises.

Just because they are an absolute favorite among business owners, they are not unsuitable for domestic use. In fact, their popularity as a home surveillance system has risen so dramatically that manufacturers have begun to produce models meant specifically for domestic use.

Today, with so many varieties and models of CCTV cameras to choose from, home owners can get unrestrained security round the clock. For great results, you can follow these tips-

Resolution of the Camera-

The first and most important thing that makes or breaks the reputation of a CCTV camera is its resolution. If you thought CCTV cameras only take black and white videos and pictures, then you were all wrong. There are cameras available these days that capture colored footages as well. Interestingly, you will also find cameras that produce HD quality videos. The most obvious benefit of going for a HD quality camera is that it helps take clearer images and videos. This is a good choice if you want to be sure who enters or moves out of your home.

Placement of the Camera-

One of the most overlooked aspects of CCTV camera installation is the location where the camera is fitted. You must place your camera in a corner from where the entire view of who enters or exits your home can be captured. For instance, if you want to install one outdoors, you will receive amazing results by placing it somewhere near the main entrance. Another benefit of placing your camera in a visible spot is that people get discouraged to engage in any wrong deed just by looking at it. This can also save your house from thieves and burglars.


Before shopping for a CCTV camera, you must ensure it contains all the features you require. There are scores of specifications, selecting a few from which can get real difficult. You can choose wired or wireless setups according to convenience. You can also look for night vision features if they are your requirement. Samsung CCTV Security systems are a great option for anyone. The brand is not only reliable but also durable. However,if you are not a big Samsung fan then you can go with Dahua cctv dubai. This brand has made a name for itself, and swears by quality.

There are many brands that offer motion detection facilities. If you want you can also go for cameras with audio provisions. So, basically the options are many. Figuring out the right fit is what matters.