Whether you are in the corporate sector, in the academe, the medical or pharmaceutical industry, or more, it’s undeniable that you would need transcription services at some point. This is particularly true if you have a plethora of audio recordings which need to be transcribed into a clear, legible, and easy to read format. But when it comes to transcription, you need to choose carefully and know what to consider and expect. Whilst there may be plenty of transcription companies around, it is important for you to select the proper one. Here, then, are some top aspects to remember when selecting the right transcription service.

Some Top Aspects To Remember When Selecting The Right Transcription Service

How soon do you need it?

When choosing transcription services, you need to be aware that there is a specific turnaround time. This turnaround time will greatly depend on how technical or complex your recording is and how you want it to be transcribed (whether you need a verbatim, true verbatim, or intelligent verbatim style). If your recording has multiple speakers, you need to take this into consideration as the turnaround time may be longer. It would typically take a transcription service around four to five business days to transcribe your recording, but this could be longer depending on the difficulties. If you need it done quickly, let the service know right away, and be prepared to shell out an additional fee.

Do you have plenty of technical terms?

The technical terms included in your recording may have an impact as well. What is the topic of your recording? Is it related to industry-specific terms such as those in the real estate sector, the IT sector, the financial sector, or the medical sector? If it is, then you should look for transcription services which can offer a specialised sector-specific service.

What about accents?

Another important aspect to think about is accents or linguistic nuances. Needless to say, the more neutral the accent of the speaker, the easier it will be to transcribe. But what if your recording has a more ‘difficult’ accent? You would need transcription services which have transcribers who are more familiar with certain accents. For instance, if you have a recording that features a Scottish or Irish accent, it would be a good idea to choose a transcription company which has native speakers of English, preferably from the UK.

How clear is the audio?

If your audio recording features a lot of background noise or multiple speakers, or the clarity of the audio is not that great, it will be more difficult to transcribe. These types of recordings may require additional proofreading before they can be deemed accurate – and this in itself will result in a longer turnaround time. Send a sample of your recording to the transcription service first and let them give you an assessment and quote before they begin transcribing it. This way, you will know what to expect and will not be unduly surprised.