Almost all the women in London and all around the world go for medical checkups when they are pregnant. Prenatal medical care is important in determining the good health of the baby and the mother. Even after all the precautions, there are some cases reported where the complications arise. To avoid this, many experts are now suggesting that women visit an obstetrician before trying to conceive.

4 Important Pre-Pregnancy Check Ups To Ensure Good Health Of Your Baby

There are few tests you need before trying to have a baby. Here’s a list of things that you can expect on your doctor’s appointment for preconception care.

  1. Preconception test: You can go to a general physician or ob-gyn for getting yourself checked. During this test, the practitioner will review your family and personal medical history. He or she might enquire about the medications or supplements that you are taking because there are certain things that are harmful during pregnancy. A discussion about your weight, diet, exercise and any habits such as drinking, smoking will take place. The attending Gynecologist at the Gynae Clinic might suggest you go for a Pap smear to test for any sexually transmitted disease.
  2. Genetic carrier screening: This test will be performed on both you and your partner. It helps in determining if any genetic disorder like sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis and others are present in any of your genes. If you and your partner are a carrier of the same genetic disease, then the chance of your child acquiring the disorder is high. You can seek help from a genetic counselor who can help in this situation.
  3. Prenatal vaccinations: Women are vulnerable to infections and germs during their pregnancy. Therefore, getting yourself vaccinated is very important in preventing any serious illness that can lead to complications during your pregnancy. Getting a flu shot during the flu season is recommended if you are trying to conceive or few weeks into pregnancy. Visit a private gynecologist in London for vaccinations that are safe during this time.
  4. Sexually transmitted disease: It is a good idea to get tested for any STIs and STDs before trying to get pregnant. There are many STDs and STIs that can lead to infertility and affect the health of your baby and you. Chlamydia and gonorrhea do not have any symptoms and go undetected until any serious infections are formed. Many of these infections can be passed to the baby through the mother, such an HIV. It is an STD that weakens the immune system and can be transmitted to the baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Lastly, you might want to get yourself tested for hepatitis B, as it can pass into your baby during pregnancy. Talk to your private gynaecology clinic in London about these tests. You can get vaccines and medications at any point in your pregnancy.

When you are trying to conceive, it is better to visit one of the best private gynaecologist London for getting yourself tested. This way you can ensure the safety and good health of both you and your baby.