BlackBerry Spy Apps are the latest in a long line of monetized tools developed to enhance the capabilities of a smart phone.  Also known as cell phone spyware, these BlackBerry apps are designed to secretly monitor and record cell phone activities and relay the information to a user account for later analysis.  When used properly, BlackBerry spy apps are loved by parents, spouses, and employers alike but for very different reasons.


BlackBerry Spy Apps Help Parents Protect Their Children


Children today are more active and engaged than any generation in history making it almost impossible to keep tabs on them without some form of cell phone spyware.  From anywhere on the planet with Internet access, parents can use cell phone spyware to:


ü  Instantly Locate Child

ü  Review Where Child has Taken Cell Phone Throughout the Day

ü  View All Incoming and Outgoing Texts, IM’s, Pictures, and Videos

ü  See Who is in Child’s Social Network

ü  Listen to Any Phone Calls with People Parent Doesn’t Recognize from Call Log

ü  Activate Microphone on Cell Phone to Listen Live to Surroundings and Make Sure Child is Safe


Cutting edge cell phone spyware has the advanced surveillance tools necessary to monitor all smart phone activity.  These cutting edge BlackBerry Spy Apps provide parents with the tools they need to protect their children from afar.


BlackBerry Spy Apps Help You Get the Answers You Deserve


Whatever the motivation for wanting to monitor a loved one using cell phone spyware, the important thing is to buy apps with the features you need to get the answers you truly want and deserve.  To fully monitor and track all activity on and around a loved one’s smart phone, look for cell phone spyware with the following advanced surveillance tools:


ü  Call Recording

ü  IM/Text Logging

ü  Video/Picture Logging

ü  Contact Details

ü  Location Tracking

ü  Surround Recording (makes recording of cell phone surroundings)

ü  Web Browsing History

ü  Reveres Phone Look-Up


Blackberry Spy Apps Boost Employee Performance


For businesses who issue smart phones to sales reps, service pros, or any member of their external staff, cell phone spyware provides several distinct advantages, including:


ü  Help Coordinate External Staff:  Rather than attempt to constantly call or contact employees to coordinate resources, businesses can use BlackBerry Spy Apps with Location Tracking to quickly identify the closest personnel and deploy as needed.

ü  Reduce Personal Use of Cell Phone:  Studies estimate that employees with company issued smart phones may waste up to 10% of their day on personal activities like checking email, surfing the web, etc.   Cell phone spy software can significantly and quickly boost employee performance by immediately cutting down or eliminating all personal smart phone usage.





BlackBerry Spy Apps, when properly leveraged, are great and powerful tools that parents, spouses, and employers can use to monitor activity and get the answers they want and deserve.


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