The chocolates are most favorable for anyone in the world from a small baby to an aged person, the sweet and delicious content of chocolate makes it so close everyone. There are many varieties and flavors are available in chocolates, but the healthiest and popular are dark chocolates, which are becoming so popular in these days because of their beneficial features. The contents of Dark chocolates, providing many health benefits to us, the limited portion and continuous consumption of dark chocolate provides us different health benefits. Not all the chocolates are helpful, but few which are high in cocoa percentage.


Not all the dark chocolates, but which are rich in cocoa content are very nutritious for us. This contains various minerals and fiber, which is good, maintain blood levels in us. The cocoa gives good taste to the prepared chocolate. This gives a boost to your skin and heart working conditions.

Good for the Heart

The dark chocolates contain the flavonoids, which are similarly exists in tea grains, which are good agents of anti-oxidants. These help us fight with free radicals, which are not good for us. These free radicals are agents to carry the heart damaging components, so flavonoids and anti-oxidants provides us some protection by fighting with free radicals. Free radicals are also sometimes can be a reason for cancer.

UV Protection

Again, the flavonoids in the dark chocolates help in protecting us from UV light. The researchers said that flovonoids in the dark chocolates protect against the sun, heat damage to our skin and improves the blood circulation under the skin. It also helps in increasing skin density and hydration. The other proteins and vitamins along with flavonoids keeps the skin complexion may be, it also helps to brighten the skin tone and complexion.

Functioning of Brain

Another good benefit from dark chocolates it keeps the brain function in good condition, the flow of blood for both heart and brain in always kept active with the dark chocolates contents. The different chemical complexes like PEA creates a good mood in the brain, which makes us, feel positive towards our works, other feelings like in love. The elderly people can get benefited with cocoa in the dark chocolate as it encourages the improvement of cognitive function.

Prevention from Diseases

The high amounts of anti-oxidants and cocoa can create a good anti-disease system, which fights against the chances of getting different diseases such as heart diseases, aging cardiovascular diseases. The skin protection from UV light is one more benefit from the flavonoids of dark chocolates.