There is a lot of talk about the new program Hadoop. This program was designed to help with analytical activities and decisions with businesses. While it is still in development for many organizations the business world has been talking.

Frank Buytendijk who is the research vice president at the Gartner Company said that this program is in early stages. This was in 2014. He had high hopes the program would become popular within the next couple of months. At that time eight percent of organizations were using Hadoop for their data solutions.

In 2015 a survey from Gartner indicated that only 26% of companies that responded are currently using Hadoop. These companies are just beginning to use this program. Another 11% of respondents said that they are planning to look into using Hadoop within the next year. This is not what the Gartner company expected and hoped that this program would be used by more companies at this point.

The company has seen this program being adapted slower than they originally thought. The reasons for this slow adaptation can be due to:

  • Scientific skills are needed to get the analytics of this program up and running
  • There is limited user access
  • Executives are not seeing the benefit of this program to their business.
  • There is still an abstract concept to Hadoop
  • Businesses are having difficulty taking the results for this program and relating it to tangible business results

According to Bruno Aziza who is the Chief marketing officer at AtScale this program was not designed with speed or security in mind. It was not designed to be a program that was easy to use for the common person.

This company promotes the use of online analytic processing that works with Hadoop to provide more user friendly results. This OLAP cube takes the information from Hadoop and turns it into different reports that can be more easily analyzed.

This cube will provide additional security measures as well as fast service. This OLAP also works well with programs including Tableau and Excel. It makes the data easier to understand for users.

The company is still hoping that more people will discover the Hadoop program and its benefits. While users do have to wait a little longer for this scientific data it will be more accurate. It will also provide more information and has more data reporting capabilities. Businesses can then take this information and use it to solve any problems they are experiencing. The company is also looking to improve the ease of use so business owners will be able to understand the reports. They will also have access to these reports in a self service mode that is found on this program.