Massage is one of the most natural remedies in so many ways. Touching the part of your body that hurts is like a natural instinct, so is eating when you are hungry. Experts say that regardless of low-tech or humble a massage may seem, it can actually be a very powerful healer. Over the centuries, massage has evolved. Massage can result in well being and relaxation, and could also be used as a recreational activity. The following are some of the most popular types of massage.

Swedish massage

In a Swedish massage, kneading, tapping and soothing strokes are used to work the whole body. In the process, muscles are relieved of tension while sore joints are loosened. In a Swedish massage, there are basically five strokes that therapists use. These strokes are very easy to learn and one can easily learn them and use them on himself or herself. They are stroking (effleurage) where muscles are grabbed and lifted lightly; friction where fingertips and thumbs are worked in deep circles into the muscles; tapping, beating and chopping strokes and vibration. With vibration, fingers are flattened or pressed firmly on a muscle and then the muscle is rapidly shaken for some seconds.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is usually used when targeting chronic muscle tension that lies deep below the body surface. For instance, the back has five different types of muscles. A Swedish massage might help heal the first layer of muscles but the muscles underneath won’t benefit much. Deep tissue massage involves direct pressure, friction movements and slow strokes that cut deep into the muscles. Here, fingers and thumbs are used, though is some instances, elbows might also be used to get the required amounts of pressure.

Rolfing massage

Rolfing is a type of massage done to orient the body to its natural posture. When posture is poor, it could result in a number of health issues like joint pain, headaches and backaches. Rolfing realigns and strengthens the body. It works the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles and makes the body stronger. Initially, this type of massage might be painful but after about ten sessions the body adapts. In Rolfing the therapist uses hands and elbows.

Tantric massage

This is a spiritual and sensual massage among couples. The massage awakens the energy centers located on the spine called the chakras. The masseur massages and aligns these centers so as to release the energy stored inside them. In the process, the blocked energy then travels through the body freely starting at the end of the spine and rises throughout to the rest of the body hence relaxing the body and mind. A tantra massage relieves the body of emotional and physical ailments. For some people, it makes them more alert and responsive to the sense of touch.

Trager massage

This is a type of massage that uses gentle rocking patterns to release the harmful holding patterns of the body. For instance, people who dislocated their shoulders during their childhood might feel some sort of pressure on the uninjured shoulder. In this type of massage, the masseur employs light shaking techniques. This is aimed at making people aware of their bodies. This type of massage frees people from their holding patterns and hence improves their physical and emotional fitness.