Many young people base their developments in life on their models, who in most cases are popular people. Often, role models are successful people and some lead admirable lives looking from different perspectives. These models inspire young people in a myriad of ways depending on their lives.

Young people tend to emulate them by following their ideals. Some of these successful icons include Ouren Baffet, James Bond, and Marilyn Monroe.

Ouren Baffet

Ouren Buffet (Warren Buffett in English) is a popular multi-billionaire investor with an estimated worth of 72.7 billion US dollars. He was born in 1930, and at only 11 years in 1941, he bought his first stock. He declared to be a millionaire right at a very tender age and worked hard towards attaining the same. In 1945, when he was only 15 years, he was already making $175 monthly, which was a good amount in that era.

In 1947, he started a small business of selling machines, which he later sold at $1200. His father encouraged him to go to college and after a great though he agreed. There was a time he tried to apply for admission in Harvard University to no avail. He decided to attend another university where he graduated and decided to work for Graham for free, even though his father and his mentor were against it.

He knew what he wanted and was not willing to let it go. After showing consistence and efforts, Ben Graham called him in 1954 and offered him a good job at his partnership. After two years, he decided to retire and start his own business. He started several partnerships and in 1961, he convinced doctors to contribute to one of his partnerships, which saw him make his first million. Since then, Buffet never looked back until today where he has made his empire.

Buffet is a mentor to many young people, especially those that are seeking to grow in business. The capital may be a challenge, but a person willing to grow in business should be able to save and convince other investors to the partnership. In the case of buffet, he worked for a short period where he hoped to make his capital and start his own business.

Young people should also focus on good education, which can help them gain the skills. The other thing that young entrepreneurs should know is not to be too greedy for a start. Buffet worked for free for some time so he could learn the business before setting up his own. Going by these ideals, one is on the right track for employing others rather than being employed.

Saving for a business is another important trait that every young person should learn if one wishes to join the club of millionaires. It is crucial to be patient and learn the tricks progressively.

James Bond

James Bond is a fiction character in a film series. Even though he is a mysterious fiction spy, there are a lot that people can learn from him especially concerning career building. James Bond is a never surrender character that never goes down without a fight. This can inspire people who are in the mission to build their dreams. This tells people that they should strive to fight for the careers or the projects that they so much desire. There should be no room for giving up for those who have dreams to accomplish.

The other thing that people can learn from James Bond is not to trust all people because they may end up being a stumbling block of our careers. In Thunderbell, James trusted a man who turned out to be someone else. This is what happens in the real life. There are many people who disguise to be your friends only for them to turn on your back. When in business, only trust yourself because other people may lead to your downfall.

In addition, James teaches people to look impeccable at all times. In Goldeneye, James drives a tank while being chased by the police. However, since he looked elegant with a tie, the police did not suspect him. This is the same case with people trying to build up their careers; they should always be presentable in order to create a good impression to the bosses or investors.

Finally, James teaches people to always make opportunities where there seems to be no hope. In the case where he was left alone in the shark invested lagoon to die, he found a way to save himself by running along with the animals. People should learn to be creative when problems emerge. They should not just give up but should find a solution amidst chaos.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, born in 1926, was a popular actress. She was born to a single mother who was mentally unstable; hence, she was taken to foster homes where she faced a hard life. However, this did not stop her from becoming a star. She was a famous star who died in a mysterious way at only 36 years of age. Some of the lessons that young people can derive from her is that the background should not deter one from excelling in life.

Further, she had a stuttering voice that did not hinder her from acting. Despite all these shortcomings, Marilyn did not give up on her acting career. This should inspire many people who are struggling to make it in life amidst many problems.

However, when people make it to the top, they should not engage in behaviors that may ruin their lives. Marilyn engaged in drugs, which made her stuttering voice back. This was bad for her career, and at some point she was fired in a certain movie. When people succeed, they tend to become too excited to an extent that they engage in risky behaviors. It is always important to maintain calmness and be in control of oneТs life under all the circumstances. This may help one to live for long and maintain a successful career.

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