A knife is one of the most important tools used in the kitchen to slice and dice fruits and vegetables. A blunt knife is useless in a kitchen and is also the worst enemy of a chef. To cook faster and to make the food more appealing, the sharp knife has a big role to play. The art of knife sharpening also referred by people as honing is not a difficult work. There are many simple ways to sharpen the knives as per your requirement. With little help and some care, you can sharpen the knives at home as well.

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Benefits Of a Sharp Knife

The process of knife sharpening actually involves a knife or similar tools by grinding against some hard and rough surface. Sharp knives are very important and play a major role in every kitchen. There are some benefits of sharp knives, they are:

  • The importance of sharpening a knife can be understood with the advantages of a good knife. The main benefit that a sharp knife offers to the kitchen is the production of better food. The dull knife can damage the cells of the vegetable and fruits that you cut. Whereas the sharp knife ensures no such damage is done to the food and so the food remains fresh and looks good too.
  • Not only a blunt knife hampers the quality of the food, but it can also be dangerous to use. The dull knife has lack of traction and when slips can hurt you. But a sharp knife requires less pressure to cut as it cuts straight through the food. So not only the risk of hurting can be reduced by using a sharp knife, but you can also prepare the food at a faster rate.

Some Ways to Sharpen the Knife

There are many ways of knife sharpening which a chef uses in the kitchen. Some tools available can be expensive whereas some are available right at your home. Honing the knives is the common term that people use for sharpening the knives. But actually, honing is something that can be done at home. Honing straightens the blade of the knife making is ready to use. Regular honing is something that must be done to keep the knives in top shape. Some tools for sharpening or honing knives are:

  • The most common tool used to sharpen or honing the knives are the horning steel or butcher steel or long metal rod at the center of the knife block. These are ideal tools to keep the knives in right edge and alignment. Knife sets come with such tools or you can purchase them from any departmental store.
  • Another option is the automatic or manual knife sharpeners that are available at department stores. These are available in different models and price; however, some low-priced ones might damage the knives. So be careful before you purchase them for use.
  • Sharpening stone or water stone is rectangular flat stone, available in coarse or fine grades. These stones can be used to sharpen or hone the knives as per your requirement. These are the best but the most expensive option.

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There are some options that are available in the homes to sharpen the knives. Leather belts can be used to make the knives sharper. Many professionals also use them to align the edges of the knives. By running the knife on the blunt spine of another knife can help hone the knife. Sandpaper is one inexpensive option to sharpen the knife up to your liking. Items like a nail file, nylon strap of any bag, cardboard, concrete, smooth stones etc. can also be used to sharpen and hone the knives anytime you want.