Lemons, one of the best regular food items we use in daily life. These are very essential in different aspects to us in daily life. Lemons have belonged to a citrus fruit family, which are rich contents of vitamin C. There are many health benefits of lemon juice and the lemons itself, these juices also supplies vitamin B, Phosphorous, Proteins and other things. They also supply the flavonoids, which are good carriers of antioxidants. There are many variants available in lemons, which are widely used in so many dishes with different combinations. The main health benefits come from lemons and other citrus family.


The falvonoids comes from the lemon juice and citrus family helps our body to improve the digestion. It also helps to cure the constipation problems; the lemon juice helps dishes to smooth ingredients. This is because of the chemical balancing capacity of lemons works in the dishes, this chemical balancing will also work on the human digestive system. The lemon juices which contain vitamin C, flavonoids and anti-oxidants will relax the stomach muscles and process of digestion becomes a little easier.

Strengthens the Immune System

The vitamin C plays a vital role in providing a good support for human body organs to increase their defending capacity against many diseases related bacteria and provides protection. This also directly in scientifically and biologically called the immune system, properties of lemons and proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants help us to strengthen our immune system.

Nutritional Values

Lemons juices are most preferred liquid supplements for any sick persons by any doctor or elder persons because of its quick power boosting properties and nutritional values. The lemons are the best resources for the rich nutrients, a glass of lime juice/lemon juice consists less than 20 calories with elements like Vitamin C, Fiber, Potassium and calcium. These nutrients acts as anti-bacterial agents in our body and these nutrients help to maintain a good immune system. We can find some traces of Iron and Vitamin A properties and blood purifying agents in the lemon syrups.

Lowering the Stroke and Cancer

The Vitamin C which is highly available in lemon is good agents of fighting with cancer elements. A study conducted by an American institute suggested that women’s who eats the citrus family fruits regularly has a great chance of lowering the risk of getting ischemic strokes. These citrus family fruits supply the high amount of vitamin C which helps them in this matter. In other side the great anti-oxidants boost the immune system and also participating in fighting with cancer elements. These anti-oxidants fight the free radical formation in the body and eliminate the chances of cancer.

Skin, Weight Loss and Dental Care

The lemon peel and juices are used in creating the anti-aging creams which applied to face to eliminate the traces of aging in women’s. By using lemons and their substances, many facial related beauty products are created. People, who follow a diet to lose their weight, consume the lemon juices in regular basis. The lukewarm lemon juice mixed with honey or green tea can help the people who want loss their weight without any side effects. The lemon syrup also used in dental care, pouring some strong lemon juice where you the toothache can help to reduce the pain, it also eliminates the bad smell symptoms from your mouth.