If you see the night passing by – then you are a poor sleeper. You should think of various ways that you can improvise to get some sleep at night. Think of the room where you sleep and its surroundings. The room should be quiet and your surrounding should not be too noisy. Can you sleep with the lights on? You can check out by making the room darker. Your bed is the next thing that you should think about. Is it comfortable? Is it too hard or very yielding to your body weight? You must change the mattress to get one that is not too hard and neither too soft.

Sagging Mattress and Discomfort

The mattress that you should use must support the curves of your body and it should not form a curve with your weight. The mattress must for a level all over its surface and should not allow your body to go down the level at some places. The sagging mattresses are to be discarded immediately. Your body must rest with proper support and often mattresses bring in complaint of sagging after a significant time. No wonder you keep awake at night.

Buying as Per Your Choice

Your body screams of its discomfort that you turn a deaf ear to. You must make arrangements to visit mattress stores san diego so that you can find the right kind of mattress that will buy your sound sleep. The foam mattresses are good for they can adapt to the weight and heat of the body. The mattresses that are made of synthetic materials called polyurethanes are malleable and will mould to your curves.

There are other mattresses that are made of Memo foam that works for the pressure of your body and change its shape to give your body the perfect support. The coir mattresses are hard and will not change with weight or heat of the body.

Sleeping Position – Guide to the Need

Now you must also consider the way you sleep. Your sleeping position is also important for determining the type of mattress. If you sleep on your back then you would find mattresses that are firm in the normal way are good for you. A soft mattress will definitely not do for you for you will experience back pain. Your body pressure is exerted by your body all over the mattress in even quantity and so a medium firm mattress is best for your requirement. If you are a side sleeper then you must think of a mattress that is soft to medium in its firming level. The pressure of the body mainly lies with the shoulder areas and the hip areas that are bulged out while you sleep on your side. These are very small areas and hence you would do with a softer mattress – as the sagging effect will not mar the even level very soon.

If you sleep on your stomach then you would need a mattress that is medium in it firmness. Too soft ones will cause problems while breathing and too firm ones will give discomfort at pressure points like knees and elbows. Now when you are ready with the type of requirement you have, you can go to the mattress stores san diego to get yourself a new mattress soon. You will love to feel its firm caress and will not see the night turning to day without a wink of sleep.