When you are out to buy Geox men’s shoes or any other shoes for that matter, you need to ensure that the shoes that you have bought are great. This can be done by checking the quality of the shoes. The quality of shoes starts with its sole. So, have a good look at the sole first. For shoes with leather soles make sure the leather used is solid and quality coupon slow or even extra-slow vegetable tanning). For this bend slightly outward, and if the shoe leather crumples it’s not good. Make sure also that the base goes to the end of the shoe (heel) and that it is not too short. Make sure the soles are sewn. There are various kinds of mounting.

A simple way to see if the sole is stitched is to put your hand inside. If you feel a seam is that you are in the presence of Blake assembly. Turn the base and see a seam is not enough. If the mount is burning in you will see nothing and there are prefabricated insoles which have a seam but which are then simply glued. Feel the inside seam remains the safest and easiest way to identify a mounting Blake.

Some shoes have a stitched welt Blake. In reality it is there is to give a little overflowing to the sole and thus protect the leather blows / shocks when walking. Or, for unscrupulous manufacturers, it is there to make you think that the shoe is mounted in Goodyear. Given the price difference – sale as manufacturing – between Blake and Goodyear you understand all the interest of those manufacturers to make believe that their shoes are mounted in Goodyear.

If the installation is not under burning you should see the seam small points below the sole. So yes if the manufacturer puts a welt “aesthetic” and a sole with a fake stitching you make you have. But no manufacturer pushes the vice so far. You can always, with your thumbs, gently spread the edge of the upper and the welt to see pass the son and make sure that there is indeed a seam.

Your pair of Geox men’s shoes should be made with good quality leather and assembly because of the reputation of the brand. But there are still some points to be checked. Continue to inspect it to be sure that there is not a hidden defect! This may seem obvious but remember to check the precision, smoothness and regularity of the seams. Also check the correct tension thereof. It should not be that items are loose otherwise there is a risk, in the long term whether the line that jumps.

A quality pair of leather shoes will be made with fine stitching (5/6 points per centimetre), regular and made with a needle adapted over used. This also applies to the ends (right and golf): stitching must follow a specific line and must not go on through. Regarding the perforated shoes make sure the holes are well designed and well above regular. Al these points will ensure that the shoes that you have bought are great in quality!

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