Cars are often one of the major expenses for average consumer. Unlike our primary home, we need to purchase cars more than once in our lifetime. Cars can become something emotional for us. They represent our character, economic status, style and taste. Cars are often seen as an extension of man’s ego and desire. On the other hand, women can use cars to express their extravagance and exhibitionism, They may drive flashy cars for the entire world to immediately notice them. Many people are often deeply attached specific car models. They can get really depressed, when there is a new scratch on their cars, no matter how small it is.

The beauty of their car paint can be equal to the health of their own skin. Cars can be valued due to their visual appeal, such as the wonderful aerodynamic shape and other factors. While, some utility cars are essential to our productivity, others can be so expensive that they are too costly just to operate and maintain for average car owners.  Owning a brand new car can be really fun and exciting. A new car with own unique smell and unblemished paint can make car owners really attached. It also feels great to know that they are able to afford a new car.

There are factors to consider before owning a brand new car. One of the considerations is to choose the best time to purchase our brand new cars. The end of December or early January is often seen as the most appropriate time to purchase a new car. In this case, the holiday season is about to end or has ended. Dealers are starting a new sales year and they try to boost sales by offering deals. It is also important to know when new car models are about to be released. This could happen between July and October, depending on the manufacturer. Dealers and distribution channels are clearing space for new car models and we may get up to $5,000 price reduction on older model.

We can get further price reduction by searching for the lowest prices. Online price search engine could allow us to get specific car models with different packages and options. At basic level, the car is typically at its lowest price. We should be able to get more accurate approximation of the car’s value. We should be able to ourselves in stronger negotiating positions. The Internet could really benefit us, because we are able to effectively and accurately uncover the conditions of market.

After we have made our research, we should be able to come up with a short list of prospective dealers. The next step is to contact them through phone or email. We should ask for their confirmation on the price and whether they can really provide us with cheaper prices with no hidden intention. This is a better way than entering a random dealership and being pressured by intimidating salespeople. Once we make our decision, we could go to a trustworthy dealership, without too much negotiation.