A full face respirator is an air tight respiratory that covers the face usually from forehead to chin area. The direct air is incapable of piercing through it and the air passes through the filters and cartridges and thus, can be consumed refined and pure. This full face respirators are used in the industrial and construction areas where workers are prone to dust and smoke related hazards like respirators issues. These health hazards may get chronic when remained untreated for a long period. Gas industries especially assign the full face respirators because the gas work cannot be done without it. The industry workers are constantly prone to chemical gases, dust substances, infected air and life-threatening fumes. There aresome things that you should keep in mind when you buy the one for your workers or yourself.

3 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Full Face Respirator


The full face respirator masks are available in wide range of varieties, each built for a specific purpose. It is not right if you choose a gas mask for the construction area or a construction full face filter for a gas industry. Each full face respirator comes with its own purpose and rigidity to tackle these harmful substances. Since the technology is evolving each day. Its has been seen that new models are coming with more functions and levels of protections and the older models get priced down. Do not just buy a mask because it has recently got cheaper than the latest model. Preventing health issues should be your primary concern. You should research and consult the professional before buying the one.

Keep the Spare Filters

Filters have a shelf life as well the handling capability limit. It might get blocked on excessive usage and even become dysfunctional when kept idle. Most of the full face respirators require the filter change within hours of usage. When it happens, you may not be able to breathe the fresh and may feel the choking issues due to blocked air. You would require a filter change at that point in time. It is highly suggested to keep multiple spare filters.

Do not delay

People often keep delaying the purchase of full face respirators. Here, one should note that any further delay can be fatal. It is highly advised that you buy it from the day one. In case you have missed it, immediate attention is required, and the purchase should be made.

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