Jeans is an exceptional piece of outfit that has lived with us for a considerable number of  years. They look perfect on every single person belonging to any walk of life. Jeans can be teamed up with any kind of top and accessorized along with heels to get a chic look.

We always tend to try new stuff to make it look more happening. Let’s explore some more options of how one can wear jeans and look dashing.

1) Go Denim

Combine your skinny jeans with a denim top tucked inside with a neon touch. This not just looks classy but also appears catchy and appealing.

Tips To Wear Skinny Jeans To Look Dashing

3) Skin Fit

With skinny jeans,wear short and reasonably fitted tops that make you look sexier and pump up your confidence.

4) Footwear

The best way to show off your skinny jeans is by combining it with heels. It looks fantastic with heels as they give your legs an elongated look. While with flats it gives a more casual look. You can pick up anything according to the occasion and comfort level.

Tips To Wear Skinny Jeans To Look Dashing

5) Boot up

High boots and skinny jeans form a good combination. The narrowness of the skinny jeans makes wearing boots easy. Boots can be both loose or tight until they are in contrast with your attire. Knee-high boots can also be experimented.

6) Coat it

Skinny jeans are complemented best with a shrug or an overcoat. Overcoats can be the best option in winters with a pair of boots. Make sure the overcoat is nicely matched with your undershirt.

7) What to avoid

Avoid wearing sneakers that are heavy and have loud colors printed on the surface as it makes the foot look broader than they usually are. The skinny jeans tends to make the legs look thinner, wearing any kind of elaborate design on shoes will call for undue attention. Also try not  wearing too tight or too baggy tops, ending at hip line.

8) Winter Blues

Winter blues now can be waved away with skinny jeans. You can club your skinny jeans with a cardigan or a jersey or a jacket. Accessorize the whole look with matching muffler, caps and hats.

The popularity of skinny jeans has only increased with time. They were earlier considered a fad, but now have taken over the fashion market. They are the most loved wardrobe apparel. They are easy to slip in and a perfect attire for a party as well. They are easily preferred by all  women and create true impact with high heels. They are easily adaptable to every body type. Men are also inclined towards it. Following these simple steps will help you attain best skinny jeans look.

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