With so many websites on the internet, it is vital to increase your Google page rank, to increase the visibility for your target market. People search every day for any number of items or information. Usually web users never get past the first page of a results search; that is why it is vital to increase Google page rank. Make your site visible to as many web users as possible. Below are five ways to increase your Google page rank.

High Quality Content

Quality content that is both user and SEO friendly is a definite way to increase page rank. The easiest way to keep your target market coming back is to make visiting your website both entertaining and informative. By having multiple pages on your website your internal linking creates more visibility to web crawlers. Using keywords helps web crawlers find your website and track it. Web crawlers can’t read information shown in Javascript, cookies, session ID’s, frames DHTML or flash, so content with high keyword usage is necessary if a website uses any of the above. Make sure your website’s robots.txt file allows web crawlers access.

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Backlinks from High PR Sites

Backlinks enable your website to get a good position on search engine results rank pages. Simply put backlinks are the incoming links to the website or webpage. The number of backlinks attached to a website shows the popularity and importance of that site and indicates the audience that the website has.

Social Bookmarking

This is a wonderful tool to use, as it gets people talking about your website, people can “like” it and is a visual way of tracking the websites traffic and audience. Some of the more well-known social bookmarks are Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and Squidoo. These are excellent sites to promote your products and services and link to your website. Web advertising on social media sites is a quick and easy way of marketing your website.

Guest Posts for Famous Bloggers

By posting on well-known blogs your website will increase visibility through curiosity. Fashion, fads, or anything that readers are interested in often has bloggers that people will follow. By guest posting on their blogs or having them guest post on your website blog will increase your websites traffic phenomenally. Famous people who use specific websites or endorse products effectively increase web traffic and offer fabulous visibility to you through their own fan base.

Submit site in Various site Directories

Website directories are human and non-human generated listings of websites based on category not keywords, such as Yahoo! Directory and ODP (Open Directory Project.) These directories are either free or one-time paid submission and feature reciprocal links, bids for position and affiliated links.

Human edited web directories often target SEO’s based on reputable sources; no spam. These directories are more rigid in their policies and are often slower in their submission process. Some examples are ODP, Salehoo and World Wide Web Virtual Library.

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