All cricketers are required to wear a suitable helmet to protect them during the game. These helmets need to be strong enough to protect the skull and face from cricket balls that could be travelling at up to 90mph. This makes them the most important part of a cricketer’s kit when batting. However, it is not only the batting player who needs to wear a helmet as the cricket ball can be dangerous from anywhere in the close vicinity. This is why many fielders, such as the slips, also wear a helmet to protect them. In cricket played by under-18s, the helmet is a compulsory piece of kit for children in bat along with any fielders within 15 yards of the bat.

Exploring The Protective Role Of The Cricket Helmet

How Cricket Helmets Are Made

Cricket helmets were not commonly worn until the 1970s. Before that time, cricket players would protect their head and face with scarves and padded hats. Helmets are usually constructed these days out of carbon fibre. They have a visor or grille to protect the face, which pulls down over the chin and mouth area. The helmet is designed to fit closely to the wearer’s head to provide the right protection with a suitable padding for comfort and to create a perfect seal with the head.

Controversy Over The Cricket Helmet

The cricket helmet has come in for some criticism, with some players in the early years after their introduction suggesting they could even make cricket more dangerous. They thought wearing a helmet could become a dangerous practice due to bowlers potentially using the extra protection as an excuse to be more violent in their bowling technique. There was a real concern that it would encourage bowlers to try and bounce the ball up to the batting player’s face. This proved not to be the case and slowly, thanks to its continued use in Test matches and beyond, the cricket helmet was accepted as a useful and necessary part of the game.

Buying Cricket Helmets Online

Cricket helmets are available to buy from many sports shops, although it is always best to go to a specialist cricket shop to ensure you get expert advice. You can also buy cricket helmets online from both general sports stores and cricket accessories retailers. For example, the Masuri cricket helmets have excellent quality and are always a good choice for all levels of player. These helmets usually feature a titanium grille or a steel grille for strength and durability.

Cricket helmets are normally black, but it is also possible to buy coloured helmets or helmets with a pattern. You can also buy helmets with branded logos, while some players who are paid by a company to promote their brand may have an advertisement on their helmet.

Other Related Cricket Accessories

In addition to cricket helmets, you can also by many accessories that are related to the helmet in terms of offering protection. These protective clothes and accessories are not limited to the pads or leg guards. You can also buy ear pads, chin guards, protective padded bands and neck guards. These different accessories all help players to ensure they have as much protection as possible from the hard cricket ball, leaving them free to concentrate with full confidence on their playing style.