Back pain can occur for a number of reasons. Maybe you worked out a little too hard or you took a nasty fall. However, most minor injuries clear up on their own within a week or two. If you have chronic back pain that is prohibiting you from taking part in simple daily activities, you might need to look for a deeper problem. Back problems can present as just nagging pain at first but already be past the point of repair by the time it gets bad enough to examine. If you think something is wrong, don’t hesitate to find a spine surgeon in Malibu who can help you.

 The Science of the Spine

While the spine is strong, it is susceptible to injury. The thick bundle of nerves that runs up the length of your back and neck, referred to as the spinal cord, relies on the structural protection of the vertebrae. However, when these are compromised by injury, you risk chronic pain, permanent nerve damage or harm to one of the discs that lie between each vertebra. When this happens, if the injury is bad enough, you might require spine surgery in Malibu. There are a few conditions where surgery is highly recommended to give you relief and prevent further damage.

Degenerative Disc Disease

As your body ages, so do the discs in your spine. Unfortunately, this can cause you a lot of pain as your spine is no longer able to absorb as much shock and isn’t as flexible as it used to be. The slightest wrong movement can result in agonizing pain. Fortunately, depending on the level of deterioration, spine surgery can be helpful in most cases. Pain relief can also be achieved with the use of steroid shots or physical therapy.

Lumbar or Cervical Stenosis

If you’re experiencing pain in your legs, hips, feet or back, you might be struggling with spinal stenosis, which is the gradual narrowing of the lower or upper part of the spine. If your discs are compromised and cannot provide the support the spine needs, your nerves may be compressed and radiate pain throughout your body, depending on the location of the weak area. If not treated, stenosis can lead to further complications, so it’s best to seek out spine surgery in Malibu.

 Disc Herniation

This condition can occur in any age group and involves compression of one or more discs in the spine. The disc then bulges into the spinal cord causing localized pain or pain that spreads throughout the limbs. If the condition is bad enough, you should find a spine surgeon in Malibu who can either refer you to physical therapy to strengthen the surrounding muscles or fuse the vertebra together, removing the disc and the need for its cushioning. The protruding part of the disc can also be shaved so it’s not hitting the spinal cord.

Get Rid of Back Pain Permanently

No one should have to live with chronic back pain or a spine condition that can be solved with one simple procedure. Bring comfort and agility back into your life by looking into spine surgery in Malibu and seeing if it can help you.