Whether you run an actual coffee shop or just a pub or restaurant that serves coffee, your customers expect a great cup of coffee every time! Perhaps you run a venue that requires a self-serve machine or want a self-serve machine for your own staff. Here is a quick look at the most essential features that a commercial coffee machine must have. These are features that will improve coffee and efficiency, ensuring that you can get a quality cup of coffee to your customers without delay.

Bean Grinder

A built-in bean grinder will make life much easier. As long as you top it up every morning and any time it is looking low, you will always be able to serve coffee. Depending on the type of commercial coffee machines you are looking at, whether you want a self-serve or one that caféstaff use to prepare coffee for customers, the bean grinder may be automatic or it might require staff to press a button to grind more beans every now and then.

Trained Staff

Those looking at professional espresso machines for their cafe or restaurant will need to ensure that their staff are fully trained. Just like a sports car needs an experienced driver to make it go, a professional espresso machine needs trained staff to get the best from it. Many manufacturers or retailers will train staff in how to use the machine as part of the rental or sales package. Alternatively, barista trainers can come in and show your staff how to use the equipment. The good thing about getting trained by the manufacturer or retailer is that they’ll show you not only how to make the coffee but how to maintain and clean the machine as well.

Breakdown Cover

If you lease a commercial coffee machine, whether it’s a self-serve or espresso machine, you need to make sure you have breakdown and maintenance as part of your contract. Fixing a coffee machine can be expensive, and finding someone to do it may put you out of business for a whole day or longer. If you lease a machine, it will come with breakdown assistance so you’ll know there will always be someone to come and fix it if necessary. If you buy rather than lease an espresso machine, you can still take advantage of aftercare breakdown services from good retailers.

Range of Drinks

Make sure you go for a coffee machine that can serve up a range of drinks. A professional espresso machine allows to you make every kind of coffee there is thanks to the milk foamer and hot water dispenser. Self-serve machines range from just offering simple coffee and tea to offering a full range of Italian coffees and even hot chocolates and mochas. The more you can offer, the happier you customers or staff and clients will be.

As you can see, getting the right coffee machine can make all the difference. Essential checkpoints include a built-in grinder, maintenance cover, training and the chance to offer a wide array of drinks.