Let the ads go native! It means you shouldn’t let them bulge out from the content as pure commercials, but sync well with the rest of the surroundings to give a natural perception to the consumers. This is not such an easy affair and to succeed, brands have to look at it as expert publishers. Publishers always offer their readers with some interesting content, at the same time worthwhile, which they can easily consume and share.

The concept of marketing has changed a lot overtime as the consumers are getting more and more judicious. So, one may not be rewarded anymore for ‘shouting the longest and loudest’. To be successful nowadays, you need to use creative techniques to reap rewards. This is what native advertising exactly does, bringing on this whole new concept in limelight.

Different Modes Of Native Advertising and Attaining Success

Native Mobile

Brands tend to introduce native ads through mobile apps now, but by ensuring that the ads don’t cause any interruption as the banners do. At the right time to the right person, native mobile ads make everyone happy and ensure returns. By adopting subtle and extremely targeted native ads through mobile platforms, brands can now get well engaged with the customers like never before.

It is also a well-known fact that mobile ads through native advertising is the most effective way to reach to the Millennials (those who reached their adulthood in 21st century). The recent research studies show that about 57% o of the Millennials, now under age 35, engage well with native mobile ads and this figure is even higher in the 18 to 24 age group as 64%.

Programmatic Trading

Many say that the future of native advertising is in programmatic trading. The concept of programmatic native ad is to effectively place ads across the sites on an impression basis. Real time data and technological tools come handy for this and the most personalized native advertisements are displayed to each individual user.

This approach can also enhance user experience and scale the content distribution. There are extensive debates going on about how the native advertising can be effectively traded programmatically. Whatever the opinion experts put forth, native ads are already running.

Now, many people are concerned about programmatic native advertising and the impacts it create. However, in real, publishers can still have a good control over their ad inventory and the learning from the outcome of programmatic trading can be reapplied to native ad campaigns immediately to keep on streamlining them. No doubt that the opportunities for native ads continue to grow overtime.

B2B Native Advertising

B2B advertising is always a challenging arena, but the reassuring fact is that native advertising has a lot good to offer in this too. Advertising in any form is there to sell and no one else than a business enterprise know this at best. This makes B2B advertising always tough to break in. So, at the first point, in native B2B, the content shouldn’t be aimed to sell. The approach is to make the lines stand fairly between promotion and value sharing. B2B marketers never start with a product or service, but they just try to add value to client experience.