Are you looking for ways to squeeze more profit from your business? Office expenditure in areas such as power consumption and heating or cooling can be reduced significantly with an energy overhaul.

Energy Saving Essentials For The Office

Light Sense

Why not kick off ‘operation energy save’ by taking a look at office lighting? A shocking number of businesses leave lights burning around the clock. If you fit motion sensors that trigger lighting when required, you can cut down on unnecessary lighting, especially in areas such as hallways and corridors. Many people forget to switch lights off when they leave rooms – a simple reminder by the light switch in the form of a sign can have dramatic results.

The latest generation of energy saving light bulbs is finding new fans every day. If you upgrade bulbs in your office to LED, fluorescent or UID for larger spaces, you will soon see savings on your lighting bill. Modern bulbs are measured in lumens (light generated) rather than wattage (power used), so check on the packet when purchasing; it’s the brightness, and not the power you should be aiming for.

Finally, take a look at the EXIT signs in the office. These are often fitted with old style, energy hungry bulbs and because they are never turned off, they can represent a significant chunk of your lighting bill. Either retrofit with LED bulbs or simply replace with a new fitting – the money you save in energy will soon cover the expense.

Talking Temperature

Get the best out of your office workers by providing a comfortable working environment. Being too hot or too cold is a common complaint among office workers and it can negatively affect productivity. Air conditioning and heating eat energy, but if you fit smart thermostats that regulate temperature according to need, you can quickly save money. Why heat or cool the office at night or weekends when it is empty? Fit a clever thermostat such as the Nest system and it will manage all this for you.

You can also save on heating and cooling costs by controlling the amount of sunlight that enters rooms. By fitting wooden shutters at windows, it is possible to control light levels by adjusting slats. These neat and stylish window treatments work well in winter, allowing maximum sunshine into a room to help warm it up. Conversely, in summer they block out glare and heat, helping to maintain a comfortable coolness within – cutting on air conditioning costs.

Invest Wisely

Finally, make sure all your office equipment carries the ‘Energy Star’ logo, indicating it is maximized for energy efficiency. Use ink jet instead of laser printers as they consume less power. If practical to use, laptop computers pull less power than desktops, but all computers should be configured to go into hibernation or sleep mode when not in use. Energy saving office equipment is being developed all the time, so if you get the opportunity to re-invest in new gear, make energy usage a key part of the decision making process because in the long term it will save you money.

If you want to get an edge in business, you need to identify all cost saving opportunities. The great thing about giving your office an energy overhaul is that it saves you money and saves the planet – can you really afford to delay any longer?