London is often seen as the central business hub of the UK, and as a result office space is in high demand. Having serviced office London space is a big plus for many businesses, as it gives you a working premise for your company in the heart of the capital. 

Whether you’re self employed or a large company, there are plenty of ways to acquire serviced offices London locations. If you’re looking to let or rent serviced offices, we can help. Here’s our guide to finding the renting a serviced office in London.

Why Serviced?

First of all, it’s worth addressing the benefits of a serviced office. These locations come already prepared, including the likes of telecom, wireless internet and IT services. In short, everything a business could need.

Why is this important? The moment you agree on the terms to let your a serviced office in London, you can move in. There’s no need to set up, negotiate or install these additional features. You and your team can simply come in and get to work straight away. Furthermore,if you need to move out, or want to expand, everything is already prepared. You don’t need to cancel or upgrade services.

Where In London?

The next important question is where in London does your company need to be? Thanks to the healthy transport links in the city, this isn’t a problem for remote companies, such as call centres and internet-based services, where a location isn’t important for the sake of clients. However, if you do want something central, we have these options, too.

As far as central London locations go, this will put you in easy access of all of the city’s best transport links, including the underground and easy connections to the six surrounding airports. Some of the more popular locations for serviced office London spaces include:

  1. Westminster
  2. Hammersmith
  3. Paddington
  4. Mayfair
  5. Victoria
  6. Waterloo

This is just naming a few and, of course, there are properties all over the east, west, north and south regions of London as well.

Understanding Your Needs

Aside from the location, what else do you need to consider when looking to rent serviced offices in London? Primarily, you need to consider your own needs as a company. A few factors to consider are:

  • Accessibility. Where is your team travelling from and what is their main method of transport? If they’re driving in, then an external location could make use of the quieter roads, for instance.
  • Facilities. Do you need space to have different departments, or is a smaller open plan office more beneficial to your small team?
  • Executive features. Does your company require a secretary or receptionist? Is it looking to impress clients during visits? If so, an executive office offers the extra space and luxury to make business more efficient.

Other factors will include the size of your team and if you’re looking to expand in the future. Have an understanding of what you need before you start searching – this will help cut down the short-list.

Expert Help

London is a big place, with many possible locations. The best way to find your ideal serviced office in London is to seek the help of an expert. Here at All Office Centres, we have serviced offices for rent across the capital.

These properties come with flexible, agreeable terms and leases with varying lengths, starting from around £300. This expert touch will help identify the ideal office for your company, helping you to quickly move in and get on with being a success!